‘Happy Birthday Gorilla’, Ankush disturbed the birthday kiss to Oindrila!


happy birthday gorilla Ankush disturbed Oindrila

On the Birthday of Oindrila Sen, Ankush Hazra disturbed Oindrila by kissing and saying ‘Happy Birthday Gorilla’.

Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen are the first to be named in Tollywood's 'Super Cute' couple. Like Tom and Jerry. This is the feeling that you are fighting! 

They lose sight of each other. Have been around for 11 years. News that he will get married very soon. However, in this way anyone can wish you a happy birthday, it seems you will not even dream.

Two people sitting side by side on the bed. Ankush Hazra grabbed Oindrila Sen from behind and said, 'Happy Birthday to you! Then said ‘Gorilla’ instead of ‘Oindrila’. 


Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen

At the same time, of course, he took the exact name. Then the turn of kissing began. He threw her on the bed, kissed her and left her in a very bad condition.

Sharing this video, Ankush wrote, "What happens after 11 years?" Pooja Bandyopadhyay, Deblina Kumar, Adrija Roy have commented on this video. 

Pooja writes, ‘Aha re poor girl’. And Deblina wrote, "Who's called Uber-Cute?"

For now, Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen have everyone's first question about when they will get married. Oindrila Sen has always said, "I want to get married very pompously." 

She also jokingly said that they quarrel so much that they do not want to take the risk of getting married.

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