Is that the age of your departure, Mithu?: Debashree Roy!

"Is that the age of your departure, Mithu?": Debashree Roy!

Mithu, however, became the heartthrob of that generation by setting foot in the industry. It looked so beautiful! What madness would the girls do to touch him!

At first Tapas Paul left. After that Mithu (Abhishek Chatterjee). They are not old enough to leave. But suddenly close friends are becoming 'no'.

I have been feeling bad since hearing the news. Many memories are crowding. The inside of the chest seems to be under pressure. Only 56! Mithu, is this your age to leave?

Nayana Das and Abhishek Chatterjee are new faces in Tarun Majumdar's 'Pathbhola'. After that, I, Mithu, Devika Mukherjee together do the movie 'Ora Charjan'. 

Is that the age of your departure, Mithu? Debashree Roy

Everyone used to have a lot of fun working on that film by Shamit Bhanj. Mithu was very lively. Behind everyone all the time. To be naughty He would keep pace with us. What a ghost we were together!

Ever in the character of my boyfriend. Sometimes my brother is sweet. Besides, he also sings very well. He has also received awards as a backing singer.

Many ask, Chiranjit, Tapas, Mithu have played the role of my boyfriend. Who was more effortless? I told everyone, it is not possible to measure the actors in that way.

We all have to be fluent in character. But Mithu became the 'heartthrob' of that generation by setting foot in the industry. It looked so beautiful! 

We also did a lot together. Then I would see, the girls would not look at him a little closer, would not be made to touch!

Mithu made a good impression on the big screen. Abruptly moved away. Why move, stay the debate today. The man is gone. I can hear the sound of footsteps of death from very close.

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