Acting from a young age, everyone thinks I do bad things: Ena Saha!

Acting from a young age, everyone thinks I do bad things Ena Saha

Ena Saha regrets, "Acting from a very young age. Parents thought they were involved in a bad profession. When the actor is the star, the world is his downfall. 

But not as long as the star? Millions of people sneer at the profession! The victim is Ena Saha. She has said that publicly.

Producer-actress Ena Saha regrets on the stage of 'Didi No. 1', "Acting from a very young age. Parents did not understand, this is my job. I thought I was doing something bad. Ena Saha had no friends in school as a child!


Only mother Banani Saha supported her. The host told Rachna Banerjee that his eldest daughter used to dance since childhood. From there, Ena Saha came to the notice of the  Bengali film industry.

The producers contacted Banani Saha to cast Ena Saha. The actress Ena Saha has popular films like 'Bojhe Na Se Bojhe Na', 'Chirdinai Tumi Je Amar 2', 'Rajkahini', 'Bhoot Chaturdashi', 'SOS Kolkata' etc.

Ena Saha, the heroine-producer of the movie 'Chinebadam', got the opportunity to act on the big screen for the first time in the ninth grade while working in various mediums. She didn't have to look back after that. At one point, Ena Saha had no friends.

Now, on Valentine's Day, 14,000 boys call her "I Love You"! Ena Saha said with a smile. "Now it seems that whatever happens is for the better," She said.

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