Jeet hugged and kissed Dev in front of Rukmini Maitra!


Jeet hugged and kissed Dev in front of Rukmini Maitra

Jeet hugged Dev in front of Rukmini Maitra and kissed him. Surprising Rukmini Maitra, Jeet walked toward Dev with a rose in his hand.

Actor Dev Adhikari and actress Rukmini Maitra came to Star Jalsa's 'Ismart Jodi'. There is no end to the practice of whether they are in love or not. 

Another hero, Jeet, got into it again. He was the host of the show, but he couldn't help himself when he saw Dev.

There was talk of a game between Dev Adhikari and Rukmini Maitra. Who can stare for a moment without blinking? Before going to that game, we talked about the chemistry between men and women.

Dev Adhikari said he has a habit of staring into Rukmini Maitra's eyes. Then Jeet said, You have to look for more moments than usual. After this, Jeet added that whether it is a woman or a man, the moment of love is always enjoyable.

Now if He (Jeet) and Dev are looking at each other intently, the audience will also enjoy it. Dev will get a little embarrassed and laugh. Rukmini also burst out laughing. However, what Jeet did after is incredible!

Actor Jeet said, "Or if I kiss Dev now ...! I will kiss him but I will eat with my lips." Everyone in the audience laughed when they heard this. Rukmini was surprised and Jeet came forward with a rose flower.

Jeet hugged and kissed Dev in front of Rukmini Maitra. However, not on the lips, but in the end kissed cheeks. After that, when Dev was released, his embarrassed red face was seen.

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