Rating chart second, after that the Anurager Choya is closing?


Rating chart second after that the Anurager Choya is closing

The tv Serial Anurager Choya is rating chart second position, after that the Anurager Choya is closing? In Rupanjana Mitra's words, "It's all rumour. Anurager Choya in second place after only five days! "

Rumour in Bengali Tollywood Industry is the tv serial Anurager Choya which started in February is going to end very soon. 

After being aired for only five days, this series is in second place on the rating chart. Why is it still shutting down after two months of broadcasting?

There is no better answer in the world of the small screens. Two possible answers are floating in the air. One, a new Tv Serial is coming in early May.

Apart from this, Tiyasa Roy and Sayan Karmakar are teaming up for the new series. It is the pressure of new Tv Serial that is constantly on the rise.

The whole rumour or the events behind it? Aditi Roy spoke on behalf of the SVF. She tells us, it is completely fake news. 

There is no possibility of a series closure. The rumour has also reached the ears of the Star Jalsa Channel authorities.

Rupanjana Mitra is Lavanya Sengupta, a businessman. She also opened his mouth about the matter. 

In Rupanjana Mitra's words, "It's all rumor. Many of them are not able to take place in the rating chart even after showing seven consecutive days. Anurager Choya is in second place after only five days! "

The actress further claims that she is enjoying her work in the tv serial Anurager Choya. At the same time, Anurager Choya is quite popular among the audience. 

If there is fame, there will be an embarrassment. Probably, the series of the first-line production company is also stuck in that circle.

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