Sanyukta washes away Prosenjit and Rituparna for cheating with Abhishek!


Sanyukta washes away Prosenjit and Rituparna for cheating with Abhishek

Yes, reader, Abhishek Chatterjee's wife Sanyukta washes away Prosenjit and Rituparna for cheating with Abhishek. a few days have passed since the death of Tollywood actor Abhishek Chatterjee. 

Meanwhile, rumours are circulating inside Tollywood that industry stars have helped Abhishek's family financially.

It is even rumoured that one of the players wanted to take charge of Abhishek's daughter Doll. Even Sanjukta Chatterjee has to hold the pen to spread all this fake news during grief. She protested on social media.

Then, on the day of Abhishek Chatterjee's ritual, when the issue came up, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta were duly washed away by Tolly Focus Kolkata.

Sanjukta Chatterjee says, "After he left, I kept myself away from social media," she said. But a lot of things were coming to my ears. My acquaintances were telling me that an actor had given me 10 lakh rupees. '

"Then I heard that a well-known cricketer would take all the responsibility for my daughter, I was also listening to all this," Sanyukta said. Even so, I was silent. And now I'm reaching out to everyone. Then it seemed no more. Now you have to answer. I think Abhishek Chatterjee himself is telling me to open the laptop, answer. So I wrote everything on Facebook. '

Abhishek Chatterjee's wife said, "I am working for the United Kingdom-based Fintech company. With Abhishek Chatterjee's blessing, I was able to run our family of three with the salary I had, there was no need for Abhishek to work. But as the head of the family, he used to run the expenses, but I was also able.

Still, everything will go very well… our daughter will have no problem. Abhishek Chatterjee never got his hands in front of anyone in his life, even when he was removed from 22 films. And I will take someone's help as his wife? Never.

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