Tiasha Lepcha Returning In New TV Serial Producer Will Be Sushanta Das!


Tiasha Lepcha Returning In New TV Serial Producer Will Is Sushanta Das

'Shyama' Tiasha Lepcha Gourangi became Sushant  Das's Tv Serial! She Demanded, I trust him with my eyes closed! The new buzz in Tollywood, the audience is on its way to finishing very soon. Tiasha Lepcha is going to return to the new Tv  Serial or Mega of Star Jalsa.

Sushant Das's 'Krishnakali' made him popular overnight. This time, Tiasha Lepcha is returning to the small screen as the heroine of the new series or mega by that producer.

That's why She was seen on the special awards stage of the channel Star Jalsa. Sushant Das's 'Krishnakali' made Tiasha popular overnight. He is returning to the new series of that producer. The heroine Tiasha Lepcha herself gave the seal to that buzz on Wednesday.


Tiasha Lepcha


After that, Tiasha said, "I have heard rumours about Sushanta da from time to time. I didn't pay any attention. I have known him for four years due to the success of the series. Sushanta da is the same as the elders of the house. So I have done it before, I will close my eyes and trust him in the future too. "

She is in Star Jalsa from Zee Bangla. Any special reason?

Tiasha argues that when the production company spoke to Tent, no one knew where the series would air. Not even Sushant. Tiasha didn't know normally. Her further claim, what will he do knowingly? Her acting work. She will do that on all channels.




The script of the series is still being worked on. The actress has learned from One-Liner that she will be seen again in a woman-centric screenplay.

Promotional glimpses of the series or mega will probably be shot later this month. See you in early May. The actor selection phase is still going on.

Tiasha Lepcha says she loves to eat on her own. All kinds of delicious food are scattered in the streets of Kolkata. All his hadiths will be on his channel. In his words, it may seem that the promotional glimpse of the new series and the YouTube channel may be released at the same time.

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