Aparajito's Success covers Nandan's Misery in Other Halls!

Aparajito's Success covers Nandan's Misery in Other Halls

Aparajito's success in other halls covers Nandan's misery, says Jeetu Kamal. Did the 'Aparajito' show in Nandan fill the gap of not getting praise from home and abroad? Is Jeetu Kamal happy with this?

Anik Dutta's "Aparajito" is about to conquer the whole world. From Bengal to India, Toronto to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah-'Aparajito Roy' become Jeetu Kamal on the screen.

"I failed" in an auditorium in his hometown. In the good film, Nandan defeated 'Aparajito Roy'. Do you regret it? The actor also opened his mouth for the first time on this issue on Saturday.

He admitted, "It's a little hard." From small to big, I have come here at different ages. I saw good films. Anik Dutta's film was not released there. It would have been nice if it had been shown. "


Jeetu Kamal

Visitors help Jeetu Kamal. They have erased the pain of Jeetu Kamal. How? In all the theatres in the city and suburbs where "Aparajito" has been released, there is a long line of viewers.

If the 'Houseful' board is hanging, seeing all this, my mind is full. The actor also discussed the matter with producer Firdausal Hasan.

Jeetu Kamal further claims that they have done exactly what the Nandan authorities think. He is an actor. All this is not his subject. 

Audience’ Jeetu Kamal must want the movie to be shown in Nandan. But according to ‘actor’ Jeetu Kamal, his job is to act. That's what he did. and got a lot of love from everyone. He is satisfied with this.

Instead, he placed the responsibility on the director and producer of the film. In the words of the actor, "They will understand all this well." Whom to tell? When to say?

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