Nachiketa Chakraborty Became Anchor Again in New TV Show Khule Bolun!

Nachiketa Chakraborty Became Anchor Again in New TV Show Khule Bolun

Nachiketa Chakraborty became an anchor again after 14 years in the new tv show "Khule Bolun". Nachiketa Chakraborty in the role of a small screen anchor after 14 years. Sun Bangla is bringing a special Tv show called 'Khule Bolun'.

The new Tv show "Khule Bolun" promo has already been released. Anchor Nachiketa Chakraborty has promised to listen to the voices of the people and the whole of West Bengal.

Nachiketa Chakraborty has been very popular since the beginning of the song 'Life-oriented'. The artist Nachiketa Chakraborty's songs like 'Nilanjana', 'Anirban', 'Doctor', 'Briddhashram' are still in everyone's mouth.

Two tea stalls are named Nachiketa Chakraborty. ‘Tea and Nachiketa’ is now one of the landmarks of Patuli. A seven-day fair in the name of Nachiketa Chakraborty was also held in Howrah in 2019. 


Khule Bolun

A 600-seat auditorium has been built in Howrah's Amata in the name of the singer. Nachiketa Chakraborty recorded Shyama Sangeet before the Durga Puja festival.

As popular Nachiketa Chakraborty along with anchor or show host. He has performed many Tv shows like 'Chhuti Chhuti', 'Sa theke Sa', 'Ae to noy shudhu gaan', 'Deya neya', 'Dada na didi'.

He has won the hearts of the audience by speaking with an open mind. After 14 years, he is returning to television with the talk show 'Khule Bolun'.

In the words of the artist Nachiketa Chakraborty, “Speak with an open mind. I am coming to Sun Bengal, I will go to your city, I will talk to you, now you will say, listen to the whole of West Bengal. ”

To participate in the show "Khule Bolun" you need to make a thirty-second video about yourself. Then it should be sent along with the name and address to this Whatsapp number 990-306-2964. 

Of course, some conditions apply. The 'Khule Bolun' team is going to Sarat Sadan in Howrah on Sunday, April 24.

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