I Love You So Much - Rahul Announces by Kissing Rooqma!


‘I Love You So Much’ Rahul Announces by Kissing Rooqma

I love you so much, Rahul announces by kissing Rooqma! What's the matter? Rooqma Ray and Rahul Arunoday Banerjee. At the moment, the viewers only know Vikram and Anamika on the screen.

The rumours about this pair from the 'Lalkuthi' series have been circulating for a long time. If you want to know whether they are making love outside the screen or not, they have blown up all the speculations so far.

But fans were shocked to see the caption of the picture that Rahul Banerjee posted on social media on Tuesday. Rahul Banerjee wrote in that post, ‘I love you so much’. A flood of good wishes has naturally flowed after such a confession.

So why did Rahul Banerjee reveal his relationship in this way?

They teamed up for the first time in the series Desher Mati. And from the very beginning, the audience liked them very much. It was even seen that they had left the main couple of the series behind in popularity. 

Rahul Rooqma Post

After that, Rahul Banerjee and Rooqma Ray have been seen as the main couple in the series Lalkuthi, which started in May.

But this is about the screen. off the screen? Are they paying attention behind the scenes to ‘lights, cameras, action’?

So far, Rahul-Rooqma has been seen to thwart all possibilities at this moment.

Rooqma Ray was heard saying last April, It's true that people are saying we are in love. But to be honest, we have no love affair. We are both very good friends.

In the same way, Rahul also asked the same question, Why go to love? But Tuesday's post says otherwise! Rahul was seen kissing Rukma there. With that loud declaration of love.

Naturally, their fans are overjoyed to see such a post. Many have greeted in the comments section of the post. Now let's see if Rahul Banerjee or Rooqma Ray said something different about this picture. 

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