One phone theft after another on the set of the Gantchora series!


One phone theft after another on the set of the Gantchora series

One phone theft after another on the set of the Gantchora series. Allegations against Shreema Bhattacherjee are baseless! Thunderstorms on the set of the series "Gantchora". 

One phone after another is being stolen. And actor Anindya Chatterjee is very angry about it.

He has also accused his co-star Shreema Bhattacherjee of stealing the phone. The actor was also warned to file a complaint in Lalbazar. The whole incident has been made into a funny trick by two television stars.

Anindya Chatterjee played the role of Rahul in the series. And Shreema Bhattacherjee is in the role of Khadi's sister, Dyuthi.

The duo recorded a video during the shooting. Shreema Bhattacherjee uploaded it on Instagram. and shared it with Anindya Chatterjee



In the video, Anindya Chatterjee complains that Rose is stealing the phone on the set of Gantchora.Shreema Bhattacherjee is behind the theft of this phone.

Earlier, Srima Nayak had stolen Gaurab's phone. Then Anindya Chatterjee stole the phone. Although Shrima claimed that he did not steal the phone, Just record a video with your phone. Shrima was unwilling to accept this demand.

In the end, Shreema Bhattacherjee admits to hiding a kind of impeccable phone. Anindya wants to know what he will get instead of the phone. Anindya Chatterjee promised to finish the shooting in one go after getting the phone.

He warned them not to shoot again. But Shreema Bhattacherjee is not an easy bet. She advised Anindya Chatterjee to find her phone. 

In the interest of entertainment, Shreema Bhattacherjee posted this funny video with the caption: She also requested to watch the "Gantchora" series.

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