The Sign of Motherhood in Porimoni's New Picture Is Like a Magical Light!


The Sign of Motherhood in Porimoni's New Picture Is Like a Magical Light

Porimoni wrote, "I have wanted to write something so many times—where else can I do it! When I write, I only look at the picture with one eye. What a delusion! "

Popular The Bangladeshi actress, Porimoni, seems to have given birth to another child. Enjoy the time of pregnancy beautifully. She always goes by her mood. 

Whether controversy or condemnation, do not act. But the words and pictures written on her Facebook post in recent times have filled everyone's mind with joy. 

People close to Porimoni say that just as Porimoni has learned from her life, her husband, Shariful Raj,'s simple, beautiful love, has deepened her.

Porimoni has posted pictures of being pregnant more than once on social media, which has made the fans happy. The free-spirited woman has given a touch of her freedom to society with her excellent presentation.



Porimoni posted a strange love picture on Facebook on Wednesday evening. She is lying on the lap of her husband, actor Shariful Raj, close to the tree. Shariful hugs him gently. 

Porimoni's motherhood is silently talking about the sweet tradition of life here. Porimoni told that the photo was taken in Cox's Bazar during their holiday.

Porimoni's words with the picture in the Facebook post are also beautifully poetic. She wrote, "I have wanted to write something so many times, where else can I go? 

When I write, I look at the picture in my mind. Maya, what a character! Maya's moments unite all the happiness in the world. Thank you. "

Raj also commented on this post with well-wishers. Raj wrote, "O love, you have painted my world in bright colours and made my life meaningful."

Porimoni-Raj's love is moving towards perfection. The good news of the birth of a new baby is coming.

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