Sreeparna Roy of 'Kori Khela' is returning to the small screen!


Sreeparna Roy of Kori Khela is returning to the small screen

Is Sreeparna Roy of 'Kori Khela' returning to the small screen? But not in the role of the heroine! A long break after a series of 'Kori Khela'. 

Sreeparna Roy can return to acting in November. But on the contrary, there should be well-known actors. Why?

A long break after 'Kori Khela'! The latest buzz in Tollywood is that Sreeparna Roy is returning to Zee Bangla in November after seven months. Surinder Films' new series 'Rong Milanti'.

However, the actress Sreeparna Roy claims that she may face the camera again in November. However, she is not in any series called "Rong Milantiy." She faces the camera again in November.

Sreeparna Roy

According to the producer, Nispal Singh, "It's all fake." Surinder Films will not be releasing any series with that name.And the company has no immediate plans to come up with a new series. "

However, while talking about returning to the small screen, the actress Sreeparna Roy made a clear claim. 

She also said, "I can't act as a heroine in the next series." If you are a heroine, you get popularity. But leave is not available. There is no such thing as a "personal life" or a "family life."

'Kori Khela' ended on April 29. Three months have passed since then. The 'link' on the screen is far from acting. 

But where is the acting? In Sreeparna Roy's words, "I am currently studying psychology." Besides, various types of work are also involved. I will visit my family in September. So I am not returning to acting now. "

Sreeparna Roy 1

In September, the actress will visit many places, including Delhi, Agra, Haridwar, Mathura, and Brindavan, along with her parents and their friends. Durga Puja after that After all, Sreeparna Roy's claims that she can face the camera again by November.

Who will be opposite her in the next series? Sreeparna Roy said, "Nothing is fixed yet. As a result, I don't know who will be. But I would personally like to work with a known co-star. "

Why did she want this? Sreeparna Roy claims that this has happened before; she was asked to memorise dialogues while sitting in the hero's room.

Due to her not agreeing to it, there is constant turmoil on the set. Annoyed Sreeparna Roy wanted to quit the job after a while. She is not willing to suffer from that problem. 

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