Trinayani TV Serial to Have a Tamil Remake!


Trinayani TV Serial to Have a Tamil Remake

Straight South from West Bengal, this time the remake in Tamil is the popular tv serial 'Trinayani'! Bengali films have been made on the cinema screen by imitating Tamil films.

Sometimes it's an official remake, sometimes it's a copy-paste. However, in the case of the serial, the opposite is true. Inspired by Bengali serials, one Southern language serial after another is being created this time!

The list is long. "Srimoyee", "Khukumani Home Delivery", "Khorkuto", "Kusum Dola" etc. Remakes of these serial have already been seen on the screens of southern television, garnering praise from Bengali viewers.

And this time the popular small screen faces Shruti Das and Gaurab Roy Chowdhury's serial 'Trinayani' has entered this list!

Trinayani TV Serial

This time 'Trinayani' is going to be remade in Tamil. Whose name is 'Marie'. Popular faces of the Tamil industry Ashika Gopal Padukone and Delhi Ganesh will be seen in this serial. The promo of this serial has already been released.

But not only in Tamil. Earlier, 'Trinayani' was remade in Oriya, Telugu and Punjabi. In 2019, 'Trinayani' was aired on ZEE TV. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Actress Shruti Das's performance, in particular, garnered rave reviews. Trinayani also left the other serial behind in terms of TRP. 

Apart from Shruti Das and Gaurab, Debjani Chatterjee also acted in this serial. Popular actors like Bodhisatta Majumder, Pushpita Mukherjee, and Rahul Mukherjee.

The story of a visionary girl came up in the serial 'Trinayani'. There were surprises in every episode. This time ‘Trinayani’ is ready to make a bet in Tamil with that surprise. 

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