Is the Bouma Ekghor TV Serial Closed Because There Is No Trickery?


Is the Bouma Ekghor TV Serial Closed

Is the Bouma Ekghor Tv serial closed because there is no trickery? Actress Chaiti Ghoshal replied! The Bengali serial 'Bouma Ekghor' is closing in just three months.

That's why actress Chaiti Ghoshal is upset. She found out about the serial closure overnight. The actress, Chaiti Ghoshal, is very troubled by the decision to stop the serial so soon.

The Bouma Ekghor TV Serial started on the Star Jalsa channel on May 2. It is understood that the decision was taken to stop the serial after just three months due to poor performance in the TRP charts.

Bouma Ekghor TV Serial

Apart from Chaiti Ghoshal, actors like Arindam Gangopadhyay, Sushmita Dey, Debjyoti Roychoudhury, Rajeeb Basu, Nibedita Mukhopadhyay, Aritra Dutta, and Sudeep Sarkar played important roles in the serial. The shooting of the serial Bouma Ekghor ended on July 31.

Chaiti Ghoshal
said that she agreed to act because she liked the content of the serial. But she said that he suffered a lot as "Bouma Ekghor" ended in just three months. According to the actress, this decision was taken because the channel authorities and producers felt that.

Is Bouma Ekghor not successful because of the so-called trickery?

Answering the question, Chaiti Ghoshal said, "If the audience sees nothing but a hoax, then nothing can be sadder than this. However, since I don't watch Bengali serials, I can't say what is being shown in any serial. 

I can say one thing. If the audience sees a hoax, then we are responsible for that too. Serials like 'Ek Akasher Niche' had 18 TRPs. If something good can be done without just looking at TRPs, then the whole serial industry will benefit. "

Chaiti Ghoshal

Even though Bouma Ekghor is closed, its memory will remain in Chaiti Ghoshal's mind. The actress Chaiti Ghoshal said that many serials with lower TRP are still running.

She hoped that the TV series Bouma Ekghor would continue at least till Durga Puja. However, Chaiti Ghoshal does not stay away from the small screen for very long. The actress will be seen in the new project. She said that she would announce the work very soon. 

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