Is the Partha-Arpita Scam having an impact on Bengali TV Series?


Is the Partha-Arpita Scam having an impact on Bengali TV Series

The TRP of all Bengali TV serials decreased in the last few weeks. What is the reason behind it? The TRP of almost every TV serial on Bengali television has decreased. Which TV series is the best?

Thursday means the rating chart or TRP. The day of the unscripted fight on the channel. For the last few weeks, 'Mithai' has been attacking 'Gaatchora', sometimes 'Dhulokona', and sometimes 'Laxmi Kakima Superstar'.

However, last week's and this week's rating charts show that it is temporary. This week's best 'Mithai' TV serial gets 8.4 ratings.

The second place is the 'Laxmi Kakima Superstar' TV serial. 'Laxmi Kakima Superstar' was the topper two weeks ago. This week, 'Laxmi Kakima Superstar' scored 7.8.

But despite all this, it can be said that the 'Aalta Phoring' has won the hearts of the audience. This week's 'Aalta Phoring' serial is in third place with 7.5 marks.

Rather, Khadi-Riddhi's love story has fallen far behind in the race for this number.4th this week, according to the rating chart. The 'Gaatchora' TV serial score is 7.4.

And by getting 7.3 marks, the 'Gouri Elo' serial came fifth. Once, the Bengal topper came down to a sixth place. The score of the 'Dhulokona' TV serial is 6.8.

However, overall, the TRP of almost every TV serial has decreased this week compared to last week. What exactly is the reason that the TRP of all the TV serials has decreased together? The Bengali Serial Industry is looking for answers.

What is the number of TV serials this week? Keep an eye on the rating chart for details:

TRP Chart of All Bengali Serial

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