Kolkata Chalantika & Lokkhi Chele will be released on the same day!


Kolkata Chalantika & Lokkhi Chele will be released on the same day

"Lokkhi Chele'' and "Kolkata Chalantika'' are being released on the same day! Shibu verses Pavel in the theater? Lokkhi Chele and Pavel's "Kolkata Chalantika" fight in theatres on August 25.

Are Nandita Roy, Shiboprasad Mukhopadhyay, and Pavel going to the strength test? The two sides face each other in theatres in August. With two different flavours of films.

Earlier, Pavel had tied the knot with Shibu and Nandita's Windows production company and presented "Rasogolla" to the audience. This time it's Kaushik Gangopadhyay, the premier production company in the city.

Kolkata Chalantika

After three years of waiting, his 'Lokkhi Chele' is coming to theatres on August 25. On the same day, Pavel brings the story of the Posta bridge collapse. His new film is 'Kolkata Chalantika'.

Producer Shiboprasad Mukhopadhyay was the first to know about the release of two Bengali films on the same day. ''Lokkhi Chele'' audience will be pulled?

His response to the question was, "Liger'' is also released on the same day." "I don't know if the audience will be divided. Because multiple films were released before and after the release of 'Belashuru' and simultaneously. "Belashuru" is moving at its own pace. But I would personally like the audience to watch all three films."

Lokkhi Chele

Team 'Kolkata Chalantika' played "sindoor khela" on Tuesday to mark the release of the film. The wide bypass road is flooded with people. There, everyone was enjoying the "Akal Bodhan" with "Dhunuchi Naach" and "Sindoor Khela".

The three have worked together before. Could this conflict of release on one day be avoided? The question was directed at the director of the film, Pavel.

His argument was that "everyone's picture was stuck in the flood." This time is slowly being released. Hence, releasing multiple films in one day is not surprising. Not a fight. "

Like Shibu, Pavel also wants the audience to come to the theatre. View all types of films. Enjoy. This ultimately benefits the entertainment world.

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