Actress Sayani Ghosh Tests Positive for Covid-19 Diseases!

Covid-19 infected actress Sayani Ghosh is now in isolation! This time, Sayani Ghosh is infected with the Coronavirus. The actress and Yuva Trinamool state president herself were informed about her illness.

Sayani Ghosh Tests Positive for Covid-19

Actress and Yuva Trinamool state president Sayani Ghosh is infected with coronavirus. She reported the illness on Saturday night.

Sayani Ghosh writes, 'Fever, cold, and cough have no symptoms. However, those who have come into contact with me in these last few days, please get tested for coronavirus (Covid-19).

Sayani Ghosh

She has to stay away from several political and cultural events in the next few days. Now she is not just an actress. 

She is also the youth leader of the ruling party. So her shoulder has a lot of responsibility. She is currently resting at home.

Actress Sayani Ghosh writes, 'I will be back soon after getting well.' 'With double the workforce.'

Sayani Ghosh 01

The coronavirus infection rate in the state is increasing day by day. A sudden fever Arm and leg pain. Weakness and a cold cough have affected a large number of people in the last two months!

At the beginning of June, the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) was again seen in different states of the country. 

But by July, that momentum had largely subsided. At least the daily statistics of the entire country and West Bengal say so.

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