Sourav Ganguly wishes Raj Chakraborty all the best with his new film Dharmajuddha!


Sourav Ganguly wishes Raj Chakraborty all the best with his new film Dharmajuddha

"Dada" or Sourav Ganguly is wishing, Tathagata Roy is sarcastic! A man is known for his behaviour: Raj Chakraborty

Both praise and sarcasm are being 'Dharmajuddha' before being released. Director Raj Chakraborty hopes that the film will only get the love of the audience after its release.

The three-year wait is over. Raj Chakraborty's Dharmajuddha 'is released on August 11. Sourav Ganguly himself supported Raj Chakraborty this time. 

"Dada," or Sourav Ganguly, congratulated the director, Raj Chakraborty, and the actors in his film in advance.

Sourav Ganguly also requested everyone to go to the theatre and watch "Dharmajuddha." There is already increased interest in the audience for Raj Chakraborty's film. Did the support of Sourav Ganguly create additional pressure?

The director, Raj Chakraborty, said that the film was screened at the Kolkata International Film Festival before its theatrical release. At that time, the film was praised by the audience and critics.

Sourav GangulyRaj Chakraborty

As a result, there is no additional pressure on his shoulders. Rather, he is relying on his fans, who love his films. Raj Chakraborty hopes that it will not be different this time too.

On the other hand, with the support of Sourav Ganguly, the senior leader of the opposition, Tathagata Roy has slandered Parno Mitra, one of the most important actresses in the film.

His statement, 'wasn't 'Kamini' a sad candidate of a Hindutva party in the 2021 assembly elections? Now come down to the field to explain the identity of people. He also called for a boycott of Parno Mitra.

Such conflicting opinions surround a film. Is the 'Dharmajuddha' in a religious crisis? Raj Chakraborty, the director, was asked a question.

In Raj Chakraborty's words, "I have also seen it. I feel very bad. But I will not comment on a senior leader. But this practice of Tathagata Roy is not new. He does not know how to respect women and often uses bad words towards women."

He also said that one person is supporting him from the side. Another person is spreading ugliness! The two's behaviour reveals a lot about who they are. 

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