Aparajita Adhya Reacted To Rumors Of Her Appearance On The Rannaghor Show!

Here Is What Aparajita Adhya Said About the Recent Rumours About Her Doing a Rannaghor TV Show.

Aparajita Adhya Reacted To Rumors Of Her Appearance On The Rannaghor Show

Instead of Sudipa Chatterjee, hosting the Rannaghor TV show? Aparajita Adhya replied.

The host of Zee Bangla's popular TV show, Rannaghor, is changing. Aparajita Adhya can be seen hosting the show instead of Sudipa Chatterjee. Such news was sparked.

Is it so? Aparajita Adhya replied.

She said, 'There is no truth in this news. She is not hosting the Rannaghor TV show at all. Also, there is no possibility of hosting any cooking shows. Wrong news is being reported unnecessarily in some places. It is being published again. But she said that there was no such possibility.'

Please note that a few days ago, Sudipa Chatterjee, host of the Rannaghor TV show, was heavily criticised for commenting on Swiggy's delivery boy on social media.

Rannaghor TV Show

She ordered food at Swiggy. Maybe the delivery boy called her to give it to her. Sudipa Chatterjee took to social media and wrote, 'I just want to know why Swiggy's delivery boy can't reach the destination without even calling.'

And why call and say, 'I'm coming, open the gate?' 'Am I the gateman who will open the gate?'

Sudipa Chatterjee was heavily criticised for her comments. Along with netizens, stars like Aritra Dutta Banik and Sreelekha Mitra also took the stage single-handedly.

Soon after, Sudipa Chatterjee stated on Teachers' Day. Even after apologizing, she remained adamant about her statement.

After that news spreads, Aparajita Adhya can host the Rannaghor show instead of Sudipa Chatterjee. However, Aparajita Adhya has made it clear that nothing is happening.

Currently, the actress Aparajita Adhya is busy with the serials Lokkhi Kakima Superstar. Apart from that, there are films and Durga Puja shoots as well.

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