Debjani Chatterjee Fires Back at Designer Who Claims She Stole Her Design!

Actress Debjani Chatterjee reacts to slander as a thief. The thief slanders the designer. Popular small screen actress Debjani Chatterjee gave a strong response on Facebook live. She took the complainant by the hand.

Debjani Chatterjee Fires Back at Designer Who Claims She Stole Her Design

Debjani Chatterjee has acted in Bengali serials and films. She also started a boutique. She posted a picture on social media wearing a dhoti from her boutique. The controversy started from there.

Designer Mehuli Goswami Thakur alleged that the actress was stealing his designs and running them under her name. Debjani Chatterjee went lives on Facebook on Tuesday against this.

Debjani Chatterjee said that she came to know about Mehuli Goswami's tagged posts through a friend. Don't worry about these things.

But Mehuli Goswami's video made her feel very bad. She felt humiliated. So she came to Facebook Live to protest the matter. Debjani Chatterjee said that Mehuli Goswami talked about the dhoti skirt. But she was wearing a dhoti.

Debjani Chatterjee said live that she had made the dress like a dhoti by buying Thane and embroidering it. 

Many claims to have bought it from her boutique. So she said that she does not understand how she stole Mehuli Goswami's design.

Debjani Chatterjee Photo

Debjani Chatterjee's question, "If someone draws a flower on a dress, can't someone else draw it?"

Actress Debjani Chatterjee said that she did not know Mehuli Goswami personally. Later, she said that she also bought a Kurti from Mehuli Goswami.

Debjani Chatterjee said that Mehuli Goswami Thakur could have done the video with a little research. Mehuli Goswami Thakur's sales will increase as she is tagged and posted.

Mehuli Goswami Thakur
once again took Debjani Chatterjee's video by sharing it. Once Debjani Chatterjee says she doesn't know her, she says she bought the Kurti from her shop.

She mentioned that. The designer, Mehuli Goswami, also claimed that she did not tag Debjani Chatterjee in her Facebook post.

Then she wrote mockingly, "One more time I'll catch you." Let's see if my friend's sales increase a little. "
Meanwhile, Debjani Chatterjee stated on Facebook Live that she will not comment on the matter.

Now it's very difficult to judge anyone. Who will be right? Who copied a design? Maybe clear later. Let's see what happens in the future.

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