Sreelekha Mitra Is Thinking About Putting Her Clothes Up for Auction!

Actress Sreelekha Mitra will empty the closet and auction the clothes! Why the sudden decision by the actress?

Sreelekha Mitra Is Thinking About Putting Her Clothes Up for Auction

Many people are now busy shopping for Durga Puja. Many people have planned what to wear on the days of Durga Puja. Many people are shopping online or in shopping malls.

But actress Sreelekha Mitra has always been different from everyone else. She has a completely different plan.

Sreelekha Mitra would rather empty the closet and auction off her surplus clothes. So on Thursday, Sreelekha Mitra removed all the clothes from the closet and posted the picture on social media. and write a long post.

What is the matter?

Sreelekha Mitra wrote on her Facebook, 'I thought a lot. I don't need so many clothes anymore. I will auction something. How about worn once, never worn, many dresses and sarees? With the money raised, I will create a fund for the children. Did I think the right way? I know I am giving some clothes to the dream school.'

Sreelekha Mitra Facebook Post

Actress Sreelekha Mitra has always been an animal lover. Whenever she gets a chance, she stands beside the stray animals. Netizens are applauding her initiative before the Durga Puja.

According to netizens, Sreelekha Mitra's initiative is truly amazing. Actress Sreelekha Mitra also wants everyone to support this initiative.

Sreelekha Mitra was recently criticised by a section of netizens for throwing a party on her birthday. Sreelekha Mitra, who has always been known to be a tight-lipped actress, responded to the sarcasm in her way.

But now she doesn't want to stay in these anymore. Rather, she wants to do something in life that will bring positive vibes. 

just like acting as well as directing and producing films. which made her even more popular among her fans.

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