Actress Subhashree Ganguly's Film Boudi Canteen Teaser is Out Now!


Subhashree Ganguly's Film Boudi Canteen Teaser is Out Now

Subhashree Ganguly's film Boudi Canteen will tell the story of a cooking career. A break in marriage and the fulfilment of dreams. Just go and watch the teaser of Boudi Canteen.

Subhashree Ganguly is the new Boudi of Tollywood. Courtesy of Director Parambrata Chatterjee. The actress Subhashree Ganguly is acting in the film Boudi Canteen, directed by him. 

Soham Chakraborty is also staying with him. The teaser for this film was released on Saturday.

A few days ago, the first look of the film Boudi Canteen was released with the caption Let's have Petpujo in this Pujo now

And now in the teaser of the film, Parambrata Chatterjee talks with the main character of film, Paulmi. In whose hands will Boudi Canteen be born?

The story of Parambrata Chatterjee's upcoming film, Boudi Canteen, revolves around the life of a famous chef, Asma Khan, a girl from Kolkata. She impressed everyone with the quality of her hands.

Boudi Canteen Teaser

She also has many restaurants in London. Somasree Ghosh and Aritra Sen tell the story of how a housewife can create her own identity through cooking.

However, Parambrata Chatterjee himself wrote the screenplay. Through cooking, a woman can become equal to a man. The director of the film said that Boudi Canteen will give that message.

Subhashree Ganguly will be seen in the role of Asma Khan in the film. Her husband will be played by Parambrata Chatterjee

Soham Chakraborty will also act in that film. Apart from this, Anashua Majumdar will be seen in the role of Subhasree Ganguly's mother-in-law.

Habji Gabji was released on June 3. The film was directed by Raj Chakraborty and starred Parambrata Chatterjee and Subhashree Ganguly as husband and wife.

The film was appreciated by the audience as well as the critics. He also did good business. After that, Subhashree Ganguly acted in this new film directed by Parambrata Chatterjee.

Earlier, while talking about Habji Gabji, director Parambrata Chatterjee praised Subhashree Ganguly. Full marks to him as a co-actor too.

However, this time his new tour partner is Soham Chakraborty. Earlier, Subhashree Ganguly worked with Soham Chakraborty in movies like Dekh Kemon Lage.

Looking at the poster, it seems that this Tollywood couple will be seen in front of the camera with different chemistry.

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