Sudipa Chatterjee Issues a Statement on the Swiggy Delivery Controversy!

Sudipa Chatterjee is arrogant enough to apologize! Sudipa Chatterjee made a statement in defence of the Swiggy controversy.

Sudipa Chatterjee Issues a Statement on the Swiggy Delivery Controversy

Sudipa Chatterjee, despite apologising for the Swiggy controversy, remained adamant about her statement. 

The anchor of the Rannaghor TV show gave a piece of lengthy information on social media. That's why she spoke her mind.

Sudipa Chatterjee ordered food from Swiggy. Maybe the delivery boy called her to give her.

Sudipa Chatterjee took to social media and wrote, 'I just want to know why Swiggy's delivery boy can't reach the destination without even calling?'

Sudipa Chatterjee Post

What about calling and saying, 'I'm on my way; please open the gate?' Am I the gateman who will open the gate?

Sudipa Chatterjee was criticised for this comment. Along with social media, actors like Aritra Dutta Banik and Sreelekha Mitra also took the stage single-handedly. Soon after, Sudipa Chatterjee stated on September 5th, 2022.

In the caption, Sudipa Chatterjee wrote, 'You are all my teachers. All the things you have ruled in the past few days, let everything fall on my head as a blessing.'

Sudipa Chatterjee then said that she was commenting on the policy of the Swiggy food delivery company and did not want to say anything about any delivery boy.

According to her, Swiggy has a do not call option. Yet the company's delivery executives make phone calls that are boring to actors or ordinary people.

Sudipa Chatterjee writes, 'Delivery executives have nothing to do with my writing. They are the only representatives of the organization. Then how comes the question of insulting them?'

Sudipa Chatterjee Statement

After that, she took the slanderers with one hand. Tell them that those who are trolling or have done so have taken revenge on themselves.

She wrote: 'Remember that this usage is your identity and your identity as well.'  

Sudipa Chatterjee also apologised if she had hurt anyone's mind unknowingly. At the end of the statement, the anchor of the Rannaghor TV show also wished Durga Puja to everyone.

Sudipa Chatterjee is very famous for the Rannaghor TV show. She has been hosting this show for many years. 

Many people who love to cook like her too much. But this controversy is causing her big trouble. We hope this controversy will end very soon.

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