Debolina Dutta Is Breaking the Internet with Her Hot Look on Diwali!

Exposed Thighs in a Side Slit Gown, What Is the Message of Actress Debolina Dutta Spreading Warmth on Diwali

Debolina Dutta Is Breaking the Internet with Her Hot Look on Diwali

The whole of West Bengal is enjoying Kali Puja and Diwali. Diwali party outfits of Tollywood stars on social media. Not only Bollywood, but Tollywood stars have also caught the attention of netizens.

Such is Debolina Dutta. She wished everyone by posting a picture of a photo shoot wearing a hot dress at Diwali. And since then she is a practising Tollywood actress.

In the picture she posted, Debolina Dutta is seen wearing an off-shoulder glittery gown. Thighs peek out from high-cut slits. Tan-coloured boots. Red light has come on the open hair, and red gloss lipstick is on the lips. Black kajal has deepened the eyes. Flower-shaped ring on hand.

Debolina Dutta posted the picture and wrote, "May your life be filled with light and joy. But make this joy soundless." That is, Debolina Dutta was advised to refrain from using jargon. After this post, her likes flooded.

Debolina Dutta FB Post

Many wrote jokingly, "I don't know whether the light will bring joy in life or not, but there will be a lot of noise about this picture." Many in turn wished her Happy Diwali and Happy Kali Puja.

Ten years ago, Debolina Dutta marriage with Tathagata. Tathagata was her second husband. But gradually the relationship broke down.

This year, Tollywood rumours were heard that Tollywood actress Bibriti Chatterjee is in a love relationship with Tathagata.

And this is the reason why the marriage of Debolina Dutta and Tathagata has broken. However, she likes to stay away from those debates. It is as if the actress has explained that with this post in a candid mood.

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