Prosenjit & Dev on Public Bus to Keep Bong Guy Kiran Dutta's Challenge!

Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee and Dev Adhikari on a Public Bus to Keep Youtuber The Bong Guy Kiran Dutta's Challenge! 

Superstars can also ride the bus. Actor Dev Adhikari and Prosenjit Chatterjee showed The Bong Guy Kiran Dutta.

Prosenjit & Dev on Public Bus to Keep Bong Guy Kiran Dutta's Challenge

Superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee and Dev Adhikari's words have a price. The challenge was given to the two superstars by The Bong Guy, Kiran Dutta, and they easily won. They boarded the public bus with Kiran Dutta.

The incident started, centred around a post by Kiran Dutta. Posting a scene from Dev and Prosenjit Chatterjee's Kacher Manush, The Bong Guy Kiran Dutta wrote, "This is possible only in cinema. Show me riding a bus like this in real life."

Responding to Kiran Dutta's challenge, Prosenjit Chatterjee wrote, "Okay! See you on the bus tomorrow. Now let me be who I am."

Dev again wrote to Kiran Dutta, "Come on right..." See you tomorrow on the bus... Don't take the challenge."

Kiran Dutta wrote back to the two, "Okay, I'll see how you can do it."

Kacher Manush Tweet Challenge

As words are deeds. Just in time, two close people appeared to take the challenge. Meet the challenger. Boarded the bus with him. All three shared that picture on social media.

All were posted in jest. Prosenjit Chatterjee and Dev promoted the movie Kacher Manush with this funny trick. Kiran Dutta is their partner in this campaign.

Prosenjit Chatterjee and Dev Adhikari's Kacher Manush will be released in theatres on September 30. Two stars acted in this film directed by Pathikrit Basu.

Which is a story of a life-and-death struggle and a broken relationship. Ahead of its release, the new teaser for the film has been released.

Dev and Prosenjit Chatterjee are promoting this film very well. They are promoting the film everywhere they go.

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