Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma Health Condition Update!

Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma did not regain consciousness, colleagues and fans prayed! Aindrila Sharma's crisis is not over yet. 

According to hospital sources, she has not regained consciousness yet. She is under close observation of doctors.

Aindrila Sharma Health Condition Update

According to hospital sources, Aindrila Sharma's blood pressure was 110/70 and her pulse rate was 112 per minute on Thursday night. Aindrila Sharma has been kept in Neuro ICU after surgery.

For now, Aindrila Sharma's sister Aishwarya and friend Sabyasachi are in the hospital. The entire family of Aindrila Sharma is worried.

Aindrila Sharma was admitted to a private hospital in Howrah on Tuesday night. According to hospital sources, Aindrila Sharma suffered a brain stroke. She is in a coma. She underwent brain surgery that night.

Aindrila Sharma started her acting journey in Bengali television through Colors Bangla's Jhumur mega serial. She was also seen in the lead role in Star Jalsa's Jebon Jyoti serial.

Yes, actress Aindrila Sharma is a fighter girl. She beat cancer. She went back to work after getting rid of the disease. She knows how to fight, so Aindrila Sharma will win again. Family and fans are full of hope.

Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma Health Update

Aindrila Sharma won't win why? In this fight, her favourite person is actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury. Aindrila Sharma and Sabyasachi Chowdhury's love is an inspiration. He is also fighting with Aindrila Sharma. Fighting to keep love to yourself.

And that's why Sabyasachi Chowdhury can stand straight in the day of danger and write, "I brought her with my own hands, I will take her back home with my own hands."

Aindrila Sharma's family is worried about her health. Her fans are also worried. To all, Sabyasachi Chowdhury wrote in a Facebook post, "Stop spreading unnecessary negative news about Aindrila Sharma. Don't confuse yourself or upset your family with fake news from some low-quality so-called media. I haven't contacted any media, given any interviews, nor will I give any. Just know that the girl is fighting, along with the whole hospital. I brought her with my own hands, I will take her back home with my own hands. Nothing else will do."

Aindrila Sharma's colleagues from Tollywood are wishing her well. Fans also want Aindrila Sharma to get well soon and return home. Let's start working again.

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