Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma is Hospitalised!

Cancer Survivor Aindrila Sharma's Brain Stroke, Actress Aindrila Sharma in a Hospital Again! Actress Aindrila Sharma is sick again. 

According to sources, actress Aindrila Sharma was admitted to a private hospital in Howrah on Tuesday night. 

Aindrila Sharma is Hospitalised

According to hospital sources, Aindrila Sharma suffered a brain stroke. She is in a coma. Aindrila Sharma has been suffering from cancer for a long time.

Recently, actress Aindrila Sharma returned to acting after overcoming cancer.  Aindrila Sharma was also seen in the web series Bhagar and the film Bhole Baba Par Karega a few days ago.

After recovering from cancer, actress Aindrila Sharma started working regularly. In the middle of it suddenly this obstacle. According to hospital sources, she is under close observation of the doctor.

If the next 48 hours do not pass, the doctors do not want to say anything about her physical condition. Currently, one side of Aindrila Sharma's body is completely numb. It is known that the left hand can move slightly.

Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma

Aindrila Sharma started her acting journey in Bengali television through Colors Bangla's Jhumur serial. She was also seen in the lead role in Star Jalsa's Jibon Jyoti serial.

Aindrila Sharma has been fighting cancer for a long time. Not once, but twice, the deadly disease laid its paws on her body. Actress Aindrila Sharma has defeated cancer twice.

"The long struggle is over. I can't explain how I feel today. Maybe I would not have seen this day, if my family and Sabyasachi were not there, I have learned what it means to be there in this one year. I am really lucky", Aindrila Sharma wrote by uploading the video.

Aindrila Sharma also thanked the hospital and doctors. Thanks to all those people in the industry who stood by and looked out for me during the tough times. Finally, Aindrila Sharma expressed her gratitude to her fans.

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