Rumors of Aindrila Sharma's Death Are Going viral on Social Media!

Rumors of Aindrila Sharma's death are going viral on Social Media. How is the actress Aindrila Sharma doing?

Aindrila Sharma's fans are waiting for her comeback. Always praying to God for a speedy recovery.

Rumors of Aindrila Sharma's Death Are Going viral on Social Media
Like the last two times, this time too, she returned to his mother's lap, after defeating death. But in the meantime, on Wednesday night, rumours about the physical condition of actress Aindrila Sharma spread on social media.

The news of her death spread. RIP, or "Rest in Peace," started being posted on Facebook. Sabyasachi Chowdhury, Aindrila Sharma's co-star, later requested that such rumours not be spread.

He writes, "Let her stay a little longer. She will get a lot of time to write these things." Not only close friends and family but also many fans should keep an eye out for Aindrila Sharma.

How are you, Aindrila Sharma? Her fans kept their eyes on social media throughout the night, hoping for that news. The Facebook home page has been scrolled repeatedly.

However, there is no promising news regarding Aindrila Sharma's physical condition. Aindrila Sharma, a cancer survivor, has been diagnosed with heart disease, according to doctors. Her physical condition did not improve. She is not stable yet.

According to hospital sources, ventilation oxygen saturation is low at midnight. Increasing oxygen saturation is not working. Aindrila Sharma's fight has been going on since November 1.

Aindrila Sharma Photo
Aindrila Sharma, a cancer survivor, suffered a stroke. She was immediately admitted to a private hospital in Howrah. Understanding the importance of the situation, the doctors operated on Aindrila Sharma. She has been on ventilation since then.

Meanwhile, Aindrila Sharma suffered a heart attack on Wednesday morning. After CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) was given to her, Aindrila Sharma responded to that. The level of ventilation has increased.

But oxygen saturation starts to decrease at night. Doctors are forced to increase the dose. Even then, the oxygen in the blood is decreasing. Contaminated things accumulate in the blood.

But Aindrila Sharma's friend Sabyasachi Chowdhury and her fans are not giving up hope of magic. The entire Tollywood industry is praying for Aindrila Sharma's recovery.

What will be the result of prayer? Will Aindrila Sharma come back with magic? She walks again in the mountains, holding the hands of loved ones.

The answer to all these questions is unknown. However, the fans are not willing to give up. Everyone is waiting for Aindrila Sharma's comeback.

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