Sabyasachi Chowdhury's Facebook Post About Aindrila Sharma's Health Update!

In a lengthy post about Aindrila Sharma, Sabyasachi Chowdhury asks, "Who says magic doesn't happen?" May actress Aindrila Sharma recover? This is the prayer of the entire state of West Bengal right now.

Sabyasachi Chowdhury's Facebook Post About Aindrila Sharma's Health Update
As a result of that prayer, Aindrila Sharma responded. In a long post on Friday, Aindrila Sharma's lover Sabyasachi Chowdhury informed readers that Aindrila Sharma is responding to treatment.

Aindrila Sharma
's physical condition has also improved somewhat. In his post, Sabyasachi Chowdhury highlighted what happened to Aindrila Sharma and her family in the last 16 days. 

Sabyasachi Chowdhury also compared people who spread rumours about Aindrila Sharma's physical condition.

What exactly did Sabyasachi Chowdhury write?

In a Facebook post, Sabyasachi Chowdhury wrote, "It was necessary to write so much for the selfless love of several thousand people." Read it a little harder. The next morning, Aindrila had a cardiac arrest. I saw her heart rate dropping below 40, blank lines on the monitor, tears, and doctors running around. Within a few minutes, the heart rate returned to normal, with a heartbeat of 120. Following that, someone hung an invisible hourglass upside down; time is falling like fine sand, as are heartbeat, blood pressure, and faith in God. Doctors responded to police postings below the hospital, various dignitaries came to offer their condolences, and some excited YouTubers and media people milled about below. In a last-ditch effort, a renowned neurosurgeon from another hospital was called in. He shook his head and said, "She's gone long ago, why are you just holding her back like this?" Even so, everything will stop by tomorrow. "Let her go peacefully."

Aindrila Sharma Photo
Sabyasachi Chowdhury also wrote in his post, "The night has come; I am sitting with a small, numb hand and clenched teeth; the eyes have already dilated; bit by bit, the sense of helplessness is increasing, and relatives and friends have already met." People sometimes call and ask, "Will it happen tonight?" Or come in the morning? In the meantime, for the sake of Facebook, someone has spread the news that Aindrila is no more. Phone calls began to pour in like rain; Saurabh is out shooting, and Divya is overwhelmed. I felt compelled to post to prevent necessity, but within twenty minutes, all was quiet again. Her blood pressure started decreasing in the morning; I called his parents and informed them. I didn't stop anyone yesterday; the whole day, close people came, touched him, and cried. How many memories, how many stories? I noticed Aindrila's hands, feet, and face swelling and her body being cold after the afternoon. The heart rate drops to 46, and the blood pressure drops to 60/30. The doctor's words from the previous day were only going around in my head; I feel guilty for holding her body like this; I couldn't stay and told her mother that I couldn't see so much pain anymore; what was the need to do so much? Let her go in peace. I say it to my face, but what can I do to leave? Maya's pull is very strong. At exactly eight o'clock in the night, when I was standing down, Aindrila Sharma's hand suddenly moved. After receiving the news, I ran and saw that the heart rate jumped to 91, the blood pressure increased to 130/80, and the body was getting hotter and hotter. Who says miracles don't happen? Who said she was gone? The girl came back with a shock from a kind of infinite void. "If she says she will go, she will go; if you let her go, she will go."

Aindrila Sharma & Sabyasachi Chowdhury Photo
Sabyasachi Chowdhury also showed a glimmer of hope in his post. In his words, "At the moment, Aindrila is without any kind of support, even trying to come out of ventilation." Get well clinically first; I will think about neuro later. I know God doesn't do Facebook, so I wrote, "Pray from the heart." "Do it from the phone," I didn't write. I also know that science is the last word in medicine. But if three neurosurgeons all say, "Call God," what is the alternative? I am uneducated compared to them. People have prayed for him in every temple and mosque in Murshidabad, not just mine. Various prasad and many blessings from different religions came to the hospital regularly. I cannot thank you all enough. Many people laughed or insulted me, but I didn't mind. I have fallen in the mud many times in my short life, so my skin has become quite thick. But yes, something needs to be said. First, everything from Aindrila's beginnings is indeed quite unnatural. But I think it's a kind of insult to the rest of the patients to talk about it so much. Secondly, writing about the cost of treatment should be stopped, the treatment will be according to the family's ability, and till now not even a single penny has been asked for or accepted by anyone. So to write about it is to insult Aindrila and belittle her family. I don't rub my insults on my face, but I get blisters from his insults."

Sabyasachi Chowdhury's Facebook Post
He also says, "Thirdly, a normal, healthy person tries to stay by the side of people close to him, clinging to straws in case of danger. I have known that to be normal for a long time. For the past two years, I've done the same thing that Dad runs around when my mom is sick. So you should stop glorifying it by arranging some old pictures and videos and playing songs. I even saw Aindrila's name circulating in a Tarapeeth video during the lockdown. I don't know exactly; maybe your channel or page gets money by doing this, but it looks very interesting to me. In my life, I have seen hundreds of couples spend the night outside SSKM because they love each other. Yet we are called familiar faces, not them. You know what? That news doesn't sell. Finally, I smell a lot of vultures among people these days. For the past two days, the hospital has been crowded, and since last night, they have been desperately trying to improve his condition. However, amid so much negativity in the last two days, the only person who showed me the light by giving me some information, with whom I freely discussed the treatment throughout the day was Arijit Singh. There are dreams. There will be dreams. "Keep it big, then kill no one."

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