See the First Look at the Bengali Film Saralakkha Holmes!

Sherlock Holmes in Tollywood in search of mystery! What is the matter? You can watch the first look or poster of the Bengali detective movie Saralakkha Holmes!

See the First Look at the Bengali Film Saralakkha Holmes

Sherlock Holmes in Tollywood by changing the address of 221 B Baker Street? No. However, the film Saralakkha Holmes directed by Sayantan Ghosal is being made with the inspiration of this famous character in world literature. The poster or first look was released on Tuesday.

Tollywood has no shortage of mysteries. From Feluda to Byomkesh to Kakababu, Shabor, and Sonada - Bengali detectives team up to unravel the mystery. This time the name of Saralakkha Holmes will be added to this list.

Rajshekhar Basu told the story of Saralakkha Holmes and his partner Botuk Sen in Bengal. Saralakkha Holmes's real name is Saralchandra Som. BA pass was hoping to earn independently In that urge, the astrologer's chamber was opened first.

As he doesn't get special benefits, he can become a detective. However, the profit was not so much. Only the name Saralakkha Holmes inspired by Sherlock Holmes remains.

It is not known whether the character of Sayantan Ghosal's story is Saralakkha Holmes. But it is inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Sayantan Ghosal is producing the film under the production of Eskay Movies.

Saralakkha Holmes Poster

The caption of the poster reads, "Nothing escapes the eyes of the innocent; Let it not begin with the monster of Baskerville." In other words, Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' will influence Sayantan Ghosal's film.

It should be noted that earlier the Bengali film Jighansa was made based on the story of Sherlock Holmes. Actor Biren Chattopadhyay, Santosh Sinha, Bikash Roy and Kamal Mitra were in lead roles.

Anyway, actor Rishav Basu will be seen in the title role in Sayantan Ghosal's film Saralakkha Holmes. Arna Mukherjee, Rajnandini Pal, Gaurav Chakraborty, Saheb Chattopadhyay, Kanchan Mallick and Shataf Figar are playing important roles.

While responding to a press about the film, Sayantan Ghosal said that it was his long-time dream to make a film inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Producer Himanshu Dhanuka had the same wish. Sherlock Holmes is adapted all over the world, so why not in West Bengal? The director asked.

The director had a tough challenge adapting Sherlock Holmes's character to the audience of West Bengal. He seems to have done it quite well.

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