Popular Singer Arijit Singh to Bear Medical Expenses of Aindrila Sharma!

The Very Popular Bollywood Singer Arijit Singh Wants to Bear the Medical Expenses of Actress Aindrila Sharma! Alongside Aindrila Sharma, Arijit Singh is taking charge of her treatment!

Singer Arijit Singh to Bear Medical Expenses of Aindrila Sharma
Arijit Singh helps actress Aindrila Sharma. It is known that the musician Arijit Singh is taking responsibility for all the medical expenses of the actress Aindrila Sharma.

As compared to the last two days, Aindrila Sharma's physical condition has improved slightly. This news is known from hospital sources.

Although the actress  Aindrila Sharma is still on ventilation and her physical condition is quite complicated. However, doctors are seeing a glimmer of hope as the situation has slightly improved compared to the last two days.

Let the fighter, Aindrila Sharma, come back. The whole of West Bengal is praying. More than two weeks have passed since she suffered a brain stroke. Every day in the private hospital in Howrah, she faces a new battle.

Aindrila Sharma has been on ventilation since the surgery. Meanwhile, new infections appear again. She suffered a heart attack on Wednesday.

That makes the situation more complicated. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) was administered to Aindrila Sharma

Bengali Actress Aindrila Sharma Photo
Aindrila Sharma responded to that. However, the level of ventilation should be increased. Oxygen saturation also starts to decrease toward night.

Earlier, it was known from hospital sources that Aindrila Sharma's body level on the Glasgow Coma Scale is very low. where a healthy person should have an average level of 15. There's level 3 in Aindrila Sharma's body.

A patient's grade is determined on the Glasgow Coma Scale, depending on eye movements, limb movements, and verbal responses.

However, while no details are known at this time, there is some good news. It is reported that Aindrila Sharma's treatment cost is already over 12 lakh rupees.

Popular singer Arijit Singh expressed his desire to meet it. He will also bear future medical expenses. Aindrila Sharma's partner Sabyasachi Chowdhury and her fans are not giving up hope of "magic."

The entire Tollywood industry is praying for Aindrila Sharma's recovery. Her fans wish for her physical condition to improve.

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