The Teaser for Sandip Ray's New Film Hatyapuri is Now Available!

The Hatyapuri Teaser of Director Sandip Ray's New Film About Feluda Is Out Now! A new teaser for the film Hatyapuri, starring actor Indraneil Sengupta as Feluda, is now available!

The Teaser for Sandip Ray's New Film Hatyapuri is Now Available

The poster for Hatyapuri was released a few days ago. And now the teaser for Haryapuri, directed by Sandip Ray, has been released. All criticism aside, actor Indraneil Sengupta looks like Feluda.

Hatyapuri was first published in Sandesh newspaper. The setting of this story is Puri, Orisha. Feluda will go there with Lalmohan Ganguly and Topse. Suddenly, he sees a dead body on the seashore. The solution to that mystery will begin with Feluda.

Sandip Ray thought of making a film on Satyajit Ray's story a long time ago. Speculation was that the people of West Bengal were going to get a new Feruda through this film by Sandip Ray. This is true.

It is known that Indraneil Sengupta is acting as the new Feluda. Indraneil Sengupta has been preparing for many months to qualify himself as one of the emotional characters of West Bengal.

Hatyapuri Film Teaser
But even though everything is final, there is an obstacle in the middle. Sandip Ray's Feluda was not liked by Indraneil Sengupta. So SVF stepped down from the responsibility of producing this film. As a result, the shooting of the film was suspended.

However, Sandip Ray quickly found a producer. Now Shadow Films and Ghosh Media and Entertainment are in charge of producing this film. This film will also feature new faces in the roles of Jatayu and Topse.

Lalmohan Ganguly plays Abhijeet Guha, and Ayush Das plays Topse. Apart from this, Subhasish Mukherjee, Saheb Chatterjee, Paran Banerjee, and Bharat Kaul are playing important roles.  

Director Sandip Ray's new film, Hatyapuri, will be released in theatres on December 23.

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