Zee Bangla's Popular Bengali Mega Serial Pilu Is Ending Soon!

Zee Bangla's Popular Bengali Mega Serial Pilu Is Ending Soon! Lead cast members Gourab Roy Chowdhury and Megha Daw are getting emotional! The Pilu mega-serial is ending; what did the cast and crew say?

Zee Bangla Popular Bengali Mega Serial Pilu Is Ending Soon

It was heard for a few days that Pilu Mega Serial might close. The shooting of the last episode of the Pilu serial has just been completed.

The long journey of the Bengali serial is not visible anymore. The journey has been shortened for most of them. 

Many serials are being shut down suddenly if they fail to do well on the TRP list. Now Pilu has joined that list.

Pilu's fans are also sad that the serial has ended. Megha Daw has played the lead role on the TV screen for the first time through the serial Pilu. The audience saw her in the title role of Pilu.

Pilu Serial

Earlier, Megha Daw participated in Zee Bangla's Dance Bangla Dance. She is also emotional after shooting the last scene of the serial.

Megha Daw thanked the entire team of Zee Bangla and Pilu. The lessons learned from this serial will remain in her heart forever.

The Pilu serial started with a focus on the natural beauty of rural West Bengal, the red clay of Purulia, Chow dance, and folk music.

The village girl Pilu reached Chandannagar according to the script. After that, the story of the serial progressed through many events.

Pilu Mega Serial

Megha Daw also wrote on her social media handle, "I learned a lot from this whole journey. All these things will help me move forward. I could not have become Pilu without all of you. I never thought I would be blessed with so much love. I will miss all the happenings from Purulia till date. After all, Megha Daw will miss Pilu."

Gourab Roy Chowdhury
also shared pictures of the last day of shooting and wrote, "The final episode is over. Good luck to everyone." Also emotional Rudrajit Mukherjee. Sharing the picture, he wrote, "wrap up."

Pilu TV Serial

There are going to be a few changes in the time slot of the Zee Bangla serial. Mithai is coming to that place now that Pilu is over. 

West Bengal Topper Mithai, who once ruled the TRP list, is seen at eight o'clock at night. But, from November 14, Mithai will be seen in Pilu's slot at six o'clock in the evening.

The new serial, Neem Phuler Modhu, will be seen in place of Mithai. Pallavi Sharma will act in this serial. The audience will see Neem Phuler Modhu made based on the joint family's tradition.

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