Urfi Javed Topless with Juice and Pancakes!

Urfi Javed is again topless in front of the camera, her breasts covered with cake and fruit juice! Social media queen Urfi Javed fell ill on her arrival in Dubai.

Urfi Javed Topless with Juice and Pancakes

She was speechless. She was suffering from laryngitis. But now Urfi Javed is healthy. And after recovering, Urfi Javed returned to her old mood.

She didn't wear anything out of the ordinary this time. Her body was covered with a plate and a glass of fruit juice! Yes, that's what Urfi Javed did. What the netizens watched shocked them.

Under this video of Urfi Javed, many are writing, "Eat cake and juice immediately!" This is not the first case involving Urfi Javed. Earlier, Urfi Javed covered her breasts with a mobile phone. Oh…Urfi!

Yes, that's what netizens are currently saying after seeing social media sensation Urfi Javed. Because of the way Urfi Javed surprises herself every day, she has entered the competition with herself.

Urfi Javed Topless with Juice and Pancakes Picture
Sometimes she just makes clothes by wrapping rope around her body. Sometimes newspapers appear again. 

Urfi Javed has always caught everyone's attention for her innovative fashion. And this time, when Urfi Javed did it, everyone's eyes widened.

A few days ago, Urfi Javed posted a picture of herself covering her breasts with her hands. There is almost no clothing on her body. 

In such a situation, Urfi Javed posed in front of the camera. And uploaded that video on social media.

Urfi Javed Topless with Juice and Pancakes Photo

Netizens recalled Ranveer Singh's nude photoshoot from Urfi Javed's case. Urfi Javed started her career as a Hindi television actress. 

Later, she gained attention as a contestant on the show "Bigg Boss OTT." But those days are gone.

Now Urfi Javed has made it her profession to pose in front of the camera wearing strange clothes. She uploads many pictures and videos on social media. 

A lot of practice is required. This time, the social media queen has been framed almost naked.

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