Dev Found His Co-Actress an Engineering Student from Kolkata!

Finally, Dev found his Indu Bala, an engineering student from Kolkata! Dev has finally found a new actress; do you recognise Indu Bala from his film Baghajatin?

Dev Found His Co-Actress an Engineering Student from Kolkata

He'd previously informed us that he was looking for a new actress for his upcoming film Baghajatin. He even organised auditions to find new actresses. Dev went to college to find a new actress.

According to the source, for now, the search for a new actress is over. Dev and his team found a new actress at an engineering college.

It is said that this girl's name is Srijala Dutta, and she is studying engineering. Srijala Dutta has no connection with Tollywood.

Dev wanted such a person. That would be a truly new face. It is reported that the workshop has already started with her.

Baghajatin is one of the soldiers of India's freedom movement. He had a sense of self-respect and nationalism. It is said that he killed a tiger alone with only a knife.

Baghajatin Film Poster Image

That is why he was called Baghajatin. Dev is going to play the role of such a person. Arun Roy is directing the film, which is being produced by him.

"As long as Jatindranath Mukherjee does not kill or die, he is not caught." "On this 75th Independence Day celebration, a Bengali epic will unfold, featuring the hero of Bengal, Baghajatin," Dev revealed the first glimpse of the film by writing this in the caption.

In which graphical motion has been used. The tune of "Bande Mataram" is heard in the background. Dev is seen as Baghajatin at the end of the glimpse.

In 2021, Dev was seen on the big screen as "Golondaaj," as Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari. The film was directed by Dhrubo Banerjee under the direction of SVF.

This time, Dev will play the role of a freedom fighter in his production. That's why the expectations of the fans are high. They think that another blockbuster is going to give them a gift.

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