The Popular Actress Rupa Ganguly Comes Back to Television Screen!

Yes, friends! If you are a mega-serial lover, then this is very great news for you. One of the popular actresses, Rupa Ganguly, appeared on television.

Rupa Ganguly is back on television, and the new mega-serial Meyebela is coming soon. Rupa Ganguly is returning to the small screen after about seven or eight years.

Rupa Ganguly Comes Back to Television Screen

Her new mega-serial, Meyebela, is coming to the Star Jalsa TV channel. And the trailer for this mega-serial takes us back to the golden days of television in one fell swoop.

In mega-serials, family, and relationship stories were told simply. From the acting to the costumes to the script, it was touching.

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There was not much high-voltage melodrama or hyper-dramaticism in the acting. The concept and creative side of Meyebela have been carefully crafted by Debika Mukhopadhyay. Rupa Ganguly is the main attraction of this series as the maid wife in the story of two families.

How did you decide to return to the small screen after a long break?

I didn't go anywhere. Say something straight. My parents did not leave the money needed to do politics. I have done politics for a while, I will earn it again.

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When the money accumulates, I will do politics again. But I want to do acting and politics together. For instance, actor Dev or others. They do both together. "I will do it too," Rupa Ganguly said without hesitation.

Why did she say "yes" to Meyebela?

There have been many offers before. I refused everyone. But the Meyebela concept is very good. I used to not pick up any casting director's phone while doing politics. Because it seemed like a temptation.

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If you are offered a great role that you can do well in, it will be a temptation. Seeing good work and good acting feels good, so a desire to act well is created. "But I had to train myself," said Rupa Ganguly.

How much has she missed the shooting floor in seven years?

In response to this question, Rupa Ganguly said, "This is my problem. I never regret anything I do in life. And I was never forbidden to act."

This is why there are fewer offers?

I am very picky. I don't do it if I don't get a favourite character. Bithii's character in Meyebela is not as strong as mine, so I agreed to do it.

And let me tell you why I like it. Television works in a certain way. The story of this serial is not very different from that. I had only one condition. I don't have to dress up like a marriage scene.

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And if you decorate the wall with pink paint and purple curtains, I am not there. I had to be given a chance to act realistically, that was my condition.

The catch line of this mega-series, girls are the enemy of girls. If such a narrative is created in a male-dominated society, men benefit because then "divide and rule" policies can be established.

Would you agree with it?

Not. I will not go into any biases. Of course, girls are the enemy of girls. I have seen this to be true in my work throughout my life, though perhaps not for all women. It's not a fault.

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Growing up as a girl was different once upon a time. And if two dishes fight it out. Don't believe in any favouritism for girls. I am strongly against the ladies' seat," she said.

When can we see you in a Bengali film again?

"Many friends have started writing stories, I have said, I have committed, I won't hang you again,"  said Rupa Ganguly with a smile.

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From January 23, Meyebela will be seen on Star Jalsa from Monday to Sunday at 7:30 pm. We hope this mega-serial will be popular in due time.

(Intrview Source: Sangbad Pratidin)

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