Solanki Roy Shares Her Horrible Experience While was straggling!

'This scar on the body is a sign of my struggle', which injury did actress Solanki Roy say? The big illusion of the body. Judgment sits on the scale of beauty. 

Solanki Roy Shares Her Horrible Experience While was straggling

Where there are scars, where are the marks of injury, are checked in detail. It turns out again. This scar also has greatness. They are a sign of struggle. Solanki Roy shares this message on Facebook.

Solanki Roy posted this photo taken by co-star Anindya Chatterjee on Facebook. She was wearing a crop top in the picture. As a result, the black spot above the navel was visible. That's what Solanki Roy wanted to show.

Solanki Roy Photo

Solanki Roy wrote in the caption, "These scars on the body surround me like beautiful jewellery. Reminds me of the deep hurt I fought so hard to overcome. Everything happens for a reason, and that's why I am who I am today."

Does Solanki Roy want to talk about any injuries?

In response to this question, Solanki Roy said that part of her body was burnt during her college life. The scar remained. Many asked Solanki Roy to remove this scar from her body.

Plastic surgery was also suggested. But Solanki Roy did not agree. She has left this injury as a symbol of winning the war instead of shame.

Solanki Roy Image

Different people have different paths with their bodies. Especially for girls. Injuries are treated as defects. As a result, many women still try to remove their scars.

Solanki Roy Picture

Some fix the nose with plastic, some try to fix the shape of the lips. But the human body will have defects. There is no such thing as perfect.

Only then is she a woman! Solanki Roy posted the picture on Facebook with such thoughts. But what if the stain is removed for professional reasons? There is makeup for that. This is the answer of Solanki Roy.

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