Actor Suman Dey Allegedly Attacked the Co-Actress House!

Actor Suman Dey was accused of new allegations. He was going to the co-actress's house while drunk. One complaint after another against actor Suman Dey.

Actor Suman Dey Allegedly Attacked the Co-Actress House

This time he attacked the co-actress's house a drunk. It is reported that a complaint has also been filed in the name of the actor at Haridebpur police station.

Actor Suman Dey gained popularity by acting in many Bengali mega serials like Nokshi Kantha, and Tumi Je Amar.

He was in a relationship with actress Suravi Sanyal. There was also supposed to be a wedding. But a few days ago it was heard about the breakup of the marriage.

Suravi Sanyal complains that Suman Dey has betrayed her. Suravi Sanyal claims that she caught Suman Dey with another woman on the night of the final match of the FIFA World Cup. She broke her marriage.

Suman Dey Image

It is heard that there was trouble between Suman Dey and Suravi Sanyal several times before. Later it was reconciled.

But after seeing Suman Dey intimate with another woman, Suravi Sanyal decided to break the marriage.

Meanwhile, as soon as the incident subsided, Suman Dey was accused of going to her co-actress's house while drunk and causing trouble.

Suman Dey with Suravi Sanyal

It has been heard that Dia Chakraborty has filed a complaint against Suman Dey at Haridebpur police station.

While responding to the media, Dia Chakraborty said that Suman Dey is only her colleague. Nothing more.

Dia Chakraborty is unable to understand why the actor came in a drunken state and caused trouble in her house. Just because the house is in one area?

Dia Chakraborty said that at that time Suman Dey's ex-lover Suravi Sanyal helped her a lot. But yes, after that day, Suman Dey didn't bother her anymore, Dia Chakraborty said.

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