Devtanu Starrer Film Ekalavya Announcement Teaser Is Out Now!

Devtanu starrer Aritra Banerjee directorial film Ekalavya announcement teaser is out now! Directed by Aritra Banerjee, "Ekalavya" stars Devatanu in the lead role!

Devtanu Starrer Film Ekalavya Announcement Teaser Is Out Now

Through the story, a story of love and crime is going to be presented to the people. This film will release soon.

Director Aritra Banerjee is going to bring this first full length movie. His new film "Ekalavya" is about to come. The announcement teaser has been released.

Aritra Banerjee directed film 'Ekalavya' is coming. One of the most popular YouTube sensations of the current generation, film critic Aritra Banerjee's web film is about to present a story of love and crime with a story. 

New generation popular actor Devtanu, 'Gramer Rani Binapani' and 'Phaguner Mohona' famous actress Annmary Tom, Jamie Bandyopadhyay, Mritunjay Bhattacharya and many others will be seen in this film.

Ekalavya Film Poster

What exactly is the film about? 

Writer and director Aritra Banerjee said, 'The story of the film is based on a contract killer. The story is about him. He is assigned to kill a girl. But this killer gradually falls in love with the girl. Will he be able to kill the girl? Or, his goal is to keep him alive through all the disasters? This story of mine will tell.'

Aritra Banerjee also said, 'This film is a completely independent commercial effort. From the southern film world to Bollywood, mass film is a commercially successful film everywhere, and it is in huge demand in Bengal too. I am making this film keeping in mind the audience of all these commercial films of West Bengal. We have tried to capture the 'larger than life' flavor of commercial films within a very limited budget. Hope everyone will like this film.' 

The web film 'Ekalavya' is going to be released in the summer of this year. This film can be released on OTT platforms or on the director's own YouTube channel.

Incidentally, Aritra Banerjee had earlier produced a short film titled 'Naxal' with actor Sourav Das.

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