Trina Saha Is Receiving Threat Calls on Whatsapp for Loan Fraud!

Actress Trina Saha was threatened on WhatsApp. If you don't pay, I will make the nude photos viral!  On the one hand, there are rumours about the breakup of the relationship with Neel Bhattacharya throughout Tollywood.

Trina Saha Is Receiving Threat Calls on Whatsapp for Loan Fraud

However, Trina Saha brushed aside the rumours. But this time she got into new trouble. Trina Saha is worried about that. Trina Saha told the media on Thursday that she has been threatened to make her nude photos viral on WhatsApp!

What exactly happened?

Trina Saha said she received a call on Thursday morning. She is told that a person has taken a loan in her name. And after taking the loan, her phone number is also given as an emergency number.

The person from whom the loan of 12,363 rupees was taken called Trina Saha and told her that the money should be given. 

And if that money is not returned, the "naked photo" of the person taking the loan will be viral on Facebook.

According to Trina Saha, I don't know how the phone number spread like this. You don't even know the person who called or the name in which the loan was taken.

Trina Saha Is Receiving Threat Calls on Whatsapp

Trina Saha is also thinking of filing a complaint at the police station.

Currently, Trina Saha is shooting for Star Jalsa's new serial Balijhar. Where Kaushik Roy and Snehasish Roy will be seen with her. 

This serial is starting this week. Before that, Trina Saha was naturally worried about this hazard.

Trina Saha is a popular serial actress from West Bengal. She did many Bengali serials like Khokababu, Jai Kali Kalkattawali, Thakumar Jhuli, Koler Bou, Khorkuto, Balijhor etc.

Her first mega serial is Khokababu and there she played the role of Tori. Also, she works on many music videos.

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