Urfi Javed Issues Her Opinion on Rumours of Lucknow Title Change!

Hats off to BJP for renaming Lucknow. "I Want to live in a democratic state!" said Urfi Javed. Viral Urfi Javed was wearing strange clothes. Her clothes are a storm on social media almost every day.

Urfi Javed Issues Her Opinion on Rumours of Lucknow Title Change

Urfi Javed has been involved in many controversies due to her clothes. But who stops her? Urfi Javed is in her way. Wearing clothes, spreading debate and opening her mouth. And now Urfi Javed talked about the country.

What exactly happened?

Accusations of name-change politics against the BJP are not today. From the Center to the BJP-ruled states, the saffron camp (BJP) was also seen changing its name.

Behind this, the opposition has repeatedly raised allegations of politics. Rumour has it that Lucknow may be renamed Lakshman Nagari.

This rumour has intensified around a comment made by Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak on Wednesday.

Urfi Javed recently responded to this comment of the Deputy Chief Minister on Twitter. Urfi Javed wrote, "Where is the benefit of changing this name? I want to live in a democratic country. Neither a Hindu state nor a Muslim state."

Urfi Javed Issues Her Opinion

Incidentally, Urfi Javed is in trouble while looking for a new house in Mumbai. According to the news, no one wants to give her a house!

And behind it, there is no Urfi Javed dress at all. There is her religion. Yes, that's what Urfi Javed wrote on social media.

Urfi Javed wrote, "Muslims don't rent houses to me because they don't like the way I dress. Hindus are not renting me a house because I am a Muslim. It has become really difficult for me to get a house in Mumbai.''

Urfi Javed is in the headlines for her revealing and eccentric outfits. And that's where the debate started. In a video message, Chitra Wagh expressed her anger over Urfi Javed's dressing style.

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