Mithai Serial Cast, Actress, Story, Real Name, Wiki!

If you are a fan of Indian television shows, you may have heard about the popular series Mithai.

Mithai Serial Cast, Actress, Story, Real Name, Wiki

The show has gained immense popularity in recent times and has captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and talented cast. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Mithai serial cast, actress, story, real name, and wiki.

Cast and Characters of Mithai Serial:

Mithai has a talented cast of actors who bring their characters to life on the screen. The lead role is played by actor Rahul Ravi, who portrays the character of Arjun, an aspiring filmmaker who is passionate about his craft. 

Cast and Characters of Mithai Serial

Actress Aishwarya M Nair plays the female lead as Aathira, a charming and vivacious girl who comes from a conservative family. 

Other prominent cast members include Shweta Menon, Renjini Rupesh, Ramesh Pisharody, and Sneha Babu.

Story of Mithai Serial:

The story of Mithai revolves around Arjun and Aathira, who are brought together by fate.

Story of Mithai Serial

Arjun is a filmmaker who is struggling to find success in his career, while Aathira is a young girl who is trying to break free from the shackles of a conservative family.

 As they meet, their lives are changed forever, and they embark on a journey of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery.

Real Names of Mithai Serial Cast:

While we are familiar with the names of the characters in Mithai, you may be curious to know the real names of the actors who play them. 

Rahul Ravi, who plays Arjun, is a popular Malayalam actor who has appeared in several films and television shows. 

Real Names of Mithai Serial Cast

Aishwarya M Nair, who plays Aathira, is a newcomer to the industry and has made a promising start with her role in Mithai

Shweta Menon, Renjini Rupesh, Ramesh Pisharody, and Sneha Babu are all seasoned actors who bring their experience and talent to their respective roles.

Wiki of Mithai Serial:

Mithai is a Malayalam television serial that airs on the popular channel Asianet. The show is produced by renowned filmmaker Sujith Vasudev and is directed by Gireesh Konni

Wiki of Mithai Serial

The music for the show is composed by Gopi Sunder, who has also composed for several popular films in the industry. 

Mithai premiered on Asianet in December 2021 and has since become one of the most popular shows on the channel.

FAQs about Mithai Serial:

What is the timing of the Mithai serial?
Mithai airs on Asianet at 9:00 PM IST from Monday to Saturday.

Who is the director of Mithai?
Gireesh Konni is the director of the Mithai serial.

Where can I watch Mithai online?
You can watch Mithai online on the Hotstar app.

Is Mithai a family drama?
Yes, Mithai is a family drama that revolves around the lives of its characters.

What is the theme of the Mithai serial?
The theme of the Mithai serial is love, sacrifice, and self-discovery.


Mithai is a captivating television series that has gained immense popularity among audiences. 

With its talented cast, intriguing storyline, and beautiful music, it has become a must-watch for fans of Indian Bengali TV serials.

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