Ei Desh Amar Bengali Song Lyrics from Bagha Jatin!

Explore the enchanting Bengali song "Ei Desh Amar" from the movie "Bagha Jatin," sung by Rupam Islam, with lyrics and composition by Nilayan Chatterjee

Dive into the musical world of this masterpiece released on YouTube by Zee Music Bangla on 23 September 2023.

Ei Desh Amar Bengali Song Lyrics from Bagha Jatin

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey filled with emotion and patriotism?

"Ei Desh Amar," a captivating Bengali song from the movie "Bagha Jatin," is here to take you on an unforgettable ride. Let's dive into the song's details and discover the magic it holds.

Song Details

  • Song Title: Ei Desh Amar
  • Singer: Rupam Islam
  • Lyrics and Composition: Nilayan Chatterjee
  • Music Label: Zee Music Bangla
  • Movie: Bagha Jatin

Ei Desh Amar Bengali Song Lyrics from Bagha Jatin Film

Ei Desh Amar Bengali Song Lyrics:

Jago He Bongobasi Jago
Jago He Rongo Udasi Jago (X2)

Protibader Tumi Surjo, Jago Re
Bir Biplobir Rokto Jago
Swadhin Kheyaler Bhokto Jago
Prohoto Tobu Sotto Jago He

Ei Desh Amar, Ei Desh Amar
Kolorob Hok Abar, Ei Desh Amar (X2)

Ek Hou Bhaisob (Cholo)
Moshal Hoye Nao (Cholo)
Oder Onnay Houk Chai

Amra Morle Jogot Jagbe,
Itihaseo Naam Thakbe
Sorol Moneo Jwolbe Agun, Bolbe Aar Noy

Bhebona Ke Mone Rakhbe,
Hasi Mukhe Je Mrittyu Makhbe
Taar Kiser Bhoy?

Ei Desh Amar, Ei Desh Amar
Kolorob Hok Abar, Ei Desh Amar (X4).

Exploring "Ei Desh Amar" - The Heartfelt Bengali Song

Ei Desh Amar is a soul-stirring Bengali song that has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts. 

With Rupam Islam's melodious voice breathing life into the lyrics penned by Nilayan Chatterjee, this song is a tribute to the spirit of patriotism. 

Its release on YouTube by Zee Music Bangla on 23 September 2023 marked a momentous occasion for music lovers.

Let's Unravel the Essence

    Mesmerizing Vocals: Rupam Islam, renowned for his vocal prowess, lends his captivating voice to this masterpiece. His emotive delivery adds depth to the lyrics, making it an emotional journey for listeners.

    Lyrics that Touch the Soul: Nilayan Chatterjee, both the lyricist and composer of "Ei Desh Amar," weaves words that resonate with every Bengali's love for their homeland. The lyrics are not just words but a reflection of deep-rooted emotions.

    Musical Brilliance: The composition by Nilayan Chatterjee is a testament to his musical genius. It complements the lyrics perfectly, creating an enchanting melody that lingers in your heart.

Ei Desh Amar Bengali Song Lyrics from Bagha Jatin Movie

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the movie "Bagha Jatin" about?
"Bagha Jatin" is a Bengali movie that portrays the life and struggles of the revolutionary freedom fighter Bagha Jatin. It delves into his journey and the sacrifices made for India's independence.

2. When was the song "Ei Desh Amar" released?
"Ei Desh Amar" was released on YouTube by Zee Music Bangla on 23 September 2023.

3. Who is the singer of "Ei Desh Amar"?

The soulful rendition of "Ei Desh Amar" is brought to life by the talented Rupam Islam.

4. Can you tell more about Nilayan Chatterjee, the lyricist and composer?
Nilayan Chatterjee, the creative genius behind the lyrics and composition of "Ei Desh Amar," is known for his ability to craft heartfelt songs that resonate with the masses. His work in this song is a testament to his musical prowess.

5. Where can I listen to "Ei Desh Amar"?
You can enjoy the enchanting melody of "Ei Desh Amar" on Zee Music Bangla's official YouTube channel.

6. Is there any significance to the title "Ei Desh Amar"?
The title "Ei Desh Amar" translates to "This Land Is Mine." It reflects the profound love and attachment of the singer and lyricist to their homeland.

In conclusion, "Ei Desh Amar" is more than just a song; it's a heartfelt expression of love for one's country.

With Rupam Islam's soulful rendition and Nilayan Chatterjee's poignant lyrics and composition, this song has etched itself into the hearts of Bengali music enthusiasts.

Dive into its emotional depths, and let the patriotism flow as you listen to this musical masterpiece.

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