Eshwar Bengali Song Lyrics from Priyotoma!

Explore the soulful Bengali song "Eshwar" from the movie "Priyotoma." Dive into the heartfelt lyrics penned by Shomeshwar Oli and the melodious composition by Prince Mahmud. Discover the details, singer, and release date of this enchanting track.

Eshwar Bengali Song Lyrics from Priyotoma

When it comes to capturing emotions and sentiments through music, Bengali songs have always stood out.

In the spotlight today is the soul-stirring Bengali song "Eshwar" from the movie "Priyotoma," sung by the talented Riyad.

Let's take a closer look at the poetic mastery of Shomeshwar Oli, who penned the lyrics, and the enchanting composition crafted by Prince Mahmud.

Song Details:

  •     Song Title: Eshwar
  •     Singer: Riyad
  •     Lyricist: Shomeshwar Oli
  •     Composer: Prince Mahmud
  •     Film: Priyotoma
  •     Music Label: Tiger Media
Eshwar Bengali Song Lyrics from Priyotoma Movie

Eshwar Bengali Song Lyrics:

Tumi Ei Roder Moto,
Ami Tomay Makhchi Go.
Tumi Ei Megher Moto,
Brishtir Ashay Thakchi Go.
Bhabi Jete Jete Theme,
Sei Dekha Shesh Dekha Na Hoy.
Tomar Amar Preme,
Amiki Ekai Smritir Bahok? (X2)

Tumi Sob Bhalo Amar,
Tumi Sob Aalo Amar,
Ondhokar to Na.
Tobe Ki Britha Jabe,
Prem Prarthona?
Eshwar Ki Tomar Amar
Milon Likhte Parto Na?
Eshwar Ki Tomar Amar
Milon Likhte Parto Na?

Tomar Sei Sobuj Pahar
Ektu Ki Rong Haracche Ta?
Mon Kharaper Bilam Shono,
Gach, Phul, Pakhi, Lotapata.(x2)
Ei Dhusor Pokhor Jomine,
Ami Poth Hara, Toma Bina.
Shunte Ki Pao Na Artonad?

Eshwar Ki Tomar Amar
Milon Likhte Parto Na?(x2)

Eshwar Bengali Song Lyrics from Priyotoma Film

Eshwar Lyrics - A Journey into Emotions:

Eshwar, a song that transcends language barriers and touches the heart, finds its beauty in its lyrics. 

Shomeshwar Oli, the lyrical genius behind this masterpiece, has woven a tapestry of emotions that resonate with listeners of all ages.

The verses speak of love, longing, and the mysteries of life, making it an unforgettable musical experience.

Riyad's Soulful Rendition:

The rendition of "Eshwar" by Riyad is nothing short of mesmerizing. His soulful voice brings every word of Shomeshwar Oli's lyrics to life, making the song a profound journey of emotions.

Riyad's ability to convey the depth of feeling through his vocals is truly remarkable, and it's no surprise that his rendition has left an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners.

Prince Mahmud's Melodic Magic:

Behind every great song is a talented composer, and in the case of "Eshwar," that magician is Prince Mahmud. His melodic composition perfectly complements the poetic brilliance of the lyrics.

The interplay between music and lyrics in this song is seamless, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Eshwar's Journey on YouTube:

The magic of "Eshwar" was unveiled to the world on YouTube by Tiger Media on 29 June 2023. 

Since its release, it has garnered attention and love from music enthusiasts and fans of Bengali cinema alike.

The visual representation of the song, coupled with Riyad's soulful rendition, has made it a must-watch on the platform.

Eshwar Bengali Song Lyrics from Priyotoma Cinema

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    What is the significance of the song "Eshwar"?
        "Eshwar" is a Bengali song from the movie "Priyotoma" that beautifully encapsulates the emotions of love and longing through its lyrics and music.

    Who wrote the lyrics for "Eshwar"?
        The heartfelt lyrics of "Eshwar" were penned by Shomeshwar Oli, a talented lyricist.

    Who is the singer of the song "Eshwar"?
        The song "Eshwar" is sung by the gifted artist Riyad, whose soulful rendition adds depth to the composition.

    Who composed the music for "Eshwar"?
        The melodious composition of "Eshwar" is the creation of the exceptionally talented composer Prince Mahmud.

    When was "Eshwar" released on YouTube?
        "Eshwar" was released on YouTube by Tiger Media on 29 June 2023, captivating audiences with its emotive storytelling.


"Eshwar" from the movie "Priyotoma" is more than just a song; it's a journey through emotions, beautifully crafted by Shomeshwar Oli, brought to life by Riyad's soulful rendition, and elevated by Prince Mahmud's melodious composition.

Its release on YouTube marked the beginning of its enchanting voyage, resonating with music enthusiasts and Bengali cinema lovers alike. Dive into the world of "Eshwar" and experience the magic for yourself.

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