Amake Nao Bengali Song Lyrics from Srikanto!

Discover the enchanting Bengali song "Amake Nao" from Hoichoi's web series "Srikanto" (2022).

Sung by Debayan Banerjee, with lyrics penned by Jyoti Hazra and Pralay Sarkar, this song weaves a modern narrative around Rabindranath Tagore's Rajlakshmi and Srikanto. Dive into the musical world of Srikanto with this beautiful composition.

Amake Nao Bengali Song Lyrics from Srikanto

Amake Nao Bengali Song Lyrics from Srikanto (2022) - Debayan Banerjee

"Amake Nao" is a captivating Bengali song featured in the modern web series "Srikanto," inspired by the works of the legendary Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay and his characters, Rajlakshmi and Srikanto.

This musical masterpiece, sung by the talented Debayan Banerjee, is a fusion of contemporary storytelling and classic literature, accompanied by the melodious tunes composed by Pralay Sarkar.

The song's lyrics, a work of art in themselves, are a collaborative effort by Jyoti Hazra and Pralay.

Amake Nao - Song Details

  •     Song: Amake Nao.
  •     Web Series: Srikanto (2022).
  •     Singer: Debayan Banerjee.
  •     Music: Pralay Sarkar.
  •     Lyricists: Jyoti Hazra, Pralay.
  •     Label: SVF Music.
Amake Nao Bengali Song Lyrics

Amake Nao Bengali Song Lyrics:

Amake nao, amake nao
Aagune nao, fagune nao
Dheuye dheuye nao
Nao na, nao du haat bhore naao.

Prtahm bhul, pratham rag
Aalgochhe gopon daag
Naao prothom choya nao
Nao na, nao du chokh bhore nao.

Tumi takalei hoye jaai boka
Bhitu pyaadele chuttechhe ekrokha
Ei ghum ghor naam
Tumi chhere jawa golper majhe
Kichhu kotha jogan hoye baaje
Jodi fer dekha daao
Dheuye dheuye naao
Nao na, nao ujar kore naao
Aamake naao, amake nao
Aagune nao, fagune nao
Nao prathm chowa naao
Nao na, nao na
Nao duchokh bhore nao.

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The Story Behind "Amake Nao"

"Amake Nao" encapsulates the essence of Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay's iconic characters, Rajlakshmi and Srikanto, and brings their story to a contemporary audience through the web series "Srikanto." The song explores their timeless love story in a fresh and compelling way.

The Artistic Contributors

  •     Debayan Banerjee (Singer): With his soulful rendition, Debayan Banerjee breathes life into the emotions that Rajlakshmi and Srikanto's story carries. His voice adds depth and resonance to the song, making it a truly moving experience.
  •     Pralay Sarkar (Music): Pralay Sarkar's musical composition bridges the gap between the classic and the modern. The melody he creates for "Amake Nao" enhances the storytelling, connecting the past with the present.
  •     Jyoti Hazra and Pralay (Lyricists): The lyrics of "Amake Nao" are a collaborative masterpiece. Crafted by Jyoti Hazra and Pralay, they skillfully capture the intricate emotions and the essence of Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay's characters. The lyrics are a beautiful amalgamation of past and present.
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Q1: What is the inspiration behind "Amake Nao"?
"Amake Nao" draws inspiration from Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay's Rajlakshmi and Srikanto and reimagines their story for a modern audience. The song is part of the web series "Srikanto."

Q2: Who is the singer of "Amake Nao"?
Debayan Banerjee lends his soulful voice to "Amake Nao," infusing the song with depth and emotion.

Q3: Who composed the music for "Amake Nao"?
The music for "Amake Nao" was composed by Pralay Sarkar, who skillfully blends classic and modern elements.

Q4: Who wrote the lyrics for "Amake Nao"?
The captivating lyrics of "Amake Nao" were written by Jyoti Hazra and Pralay, showcasing their artistry in capturing the essence of Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay's characters.

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In conclusion, "Amake Nao" is a mesmerizing Bengali song that bridges the gap between classic literature and modern storytelling.

Through the brilliant rendition of Debayan Banerjee, the musical composition of Pralay Sarkar, and the poignant lyrics by Jyoti Hazra and Pralay, this song is a must-listen for anyone looking to experience the timeless love story of Rajlakshmi and Srikanto in a fresh and contemporary light.

Dive into the enchanting world of "Amake Nao" and let the music take you on a journey through the pages of history and the vibrant colors of the present.

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