Antormahal Web Series: A Fresh Journey with Ishaa Saha & Saurav Das!

Dive into the captivating world of Antormahal, Hoichoi's latest Bengali web series featuring Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das

Director Abhrajit Sen returns with a unique storyline, exploring the complexities of marriage and parenthood.

Antormahal Web Series A Fresh Journey with Ishaa Saha & Saurav Das

Antormahal Web Series: A Riveting Tale of Love and Parenthood

Abhrajit Sen's Return: A Directorial Journey from "Dakghor" to "Antormahal

Director Abhrajit Sen, who previously captivated us with the fresh and engaging series "Dakghor" on his directorial debut, is making a return with a new series titled "Antormahal." 

The official announcement for this series was made during Hoichoi's 7th season event on September 29, 2023, with the intriguing quote, "Pregnancy is a two-way game!"

Exploring the Intriguing Quote: Decoding "Pregnancy is a Two-Way Game" in "Antormahal"

In "Antormahal," the lead roles are portrayed by Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das. Saurav Das takes on the character of Indra, while Ishaa Saha plays the role of Riti, his wife.

Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das: The Dynamic Duo of "Antormahal"

The series unveiled an announcement teaser that featured both of these leading stars. They answered various questions about their relationship and married life, revealing the strength of their bond. 

However, the atmosphere changed when they were asked why they hadn't had children even after five years of marriage. 

Indra seemed uncomfortable and left the discussion, particularly when questioned about undergoing tests to identify any issues preventing them from becoming parents.

Ishaa Saha Photo

Meet the Supporting Cast: Arpan Ghosal and Swastika Dutta in Key Roles

Arpan Ghosal, known for playing the character of Pori in the "Hostel Days" web series, will also be playing a crucial role in "Antormahal." 

Swastika Dutta, featured in films like "Biye Bibhrat" and "Fatafati," and web series such as "Gobhir Joler Maach" and "Uttoron," will also be seen in an important role within the series.

Saurav Das's OTT Journey: From "Montu Pilot" to "Mir Jafar: Chapter 2"

Saurav Das made his debut in the world of OTT platforms in 2018 with "Gariahater Ganglords" and is primarily recognized for his outstanding portrayal of Montu in "Montu Pilot" and "Montu Pilot 2." 

He has delivered noteworthy performances in films and web series, including "Karnasubarner Guptodhon," "Kolkata Chalantika," "Harano Prapti," "Pratidwandi," "Charitraheen," "Charitraheen 2," "Charitraheen 3," and "Rahasya Romancho Series." He will be appearing in the upcoming film "Mir Jafar: Chapter 2."

Ishaa Saha's Versatility: A Look at Her Impressive Filmography

This year, Ishaa Saha has been involved in three projects, including "Mitthye Premer Gaan," "Ghore Pherar Gaan," and "Indu 2." 

She made her debut on the big screen in 2017 with "Projapoti Biskut" and has delivered brilliant performances in various films and web series, such as "Kacher Manush," "Karnasubarnar Guptodhon," "Sweater," "Durgeshgorer Guptodhon," "Guptodhoner Sondhane," "Detective," "Golondaaj," "Japani Toy Season 1 & 2," "Mafia," "Indu," and "Gora." 

Her upcoming projects include "Ektu Sore Boshun," "Asukh Bisukh," and "Oporichito."

Stay Tuned for the Release Date: When Can We Expect "Antormahal?"

The release date of Antormahal has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates!

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Conclusion: Antormahal - A Captivating Tale Awaits

"Antormahal" is set to be an engaging addition to Hoichoi's lineup. Director Abhrajit Sen's return promises a fresh narrative, while Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das lead the cast in exploring the complexities of love and parenthood.

With a teaser that leaves us intrigued, stay tuned for the release date to dive into a world of emotions and surprises.


    (1) What is the Antormahal Web Series about?
    Antormahal is a new Bengali web series that delves into the intricacies of marriage, relationships, and the quest for parenthood. Director Abhrajit Sen promises a unique and engaging storyline.

    (2) Who are the Lead Actors in Antormahal?
    Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das take on the lead roles. Saurav portrays Indra, while Ishaa plays Riti, his wife.

    (3) What is the Release Date of the Antormahal Web Series?
    The release date of Antormahal has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates!

    (4) Tell Me More About the Cast.

    Apart from Ishaa Saha and Saurav Das, the series also features Swastika Dutta and Arpan Ghosal in pivotal roles.

    (5) What Can We Expect from Abhrajit Sen's Direction in Antormahal?
    Abhrajit Sen, known for his compelling work in Dakghor, is set to deliver another gripping series. Antormahal explores the complexities of relationships and the desire for parenthood.

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