Du Haat Tule Nach Bengali Song Lyrics sung by Keshab Dey!

Get ready to dance with the electrifying "Du Haat Tule Nach" Bengali song! Explore the lyrical masterpiece crafted by Badal Paul and composed by Keshab Dey, as Keshab Dey's vocals take you on a musical journey. Check out all the song details right here.

Du Haat Tule Nach Bengali Song Lyrics sung by Keshab Dey

Du Haat Tule Nach Bengali Song Lyrics: Groove to Keshab Dey's Dance Anthem!

Are you ready to groove to the beats of the mesmerizing Bengali song "Du Haat Tule Nach" by the talented Keshab Dey? This dance anthem is bound to get you on your feet and moving.

In this article, we dive into the captivating lyrics, the talented singer, the lyricist, and the composer who brought this track to life. So, let's get started and uncover the magic behind "Du Haat Tule Nach."

Unveiling the Song Details:

Here's all the information you need to know about "Du Haat Tule Nach."

Get to Know "Du Haat Tule Nach" Inside Out:

  •     Song Title: Du Haat Tule Nach
  •     Singer: Keshab Dey
  •     Lyricist: Badal Paul
  •     Composer: Keshab Dey
  •     Release Date: 14th October 2023
Du Haat Tule Nach Bengali Song Lyrics

Du Haat Tule Nach Bengali Song Lyrics:

Kapche Goli Kapche Para,
Nachbe Hati Nachbe Ghora
Ashche Hero Sore Dara Kejra Koris Na (X2)
Nana Mama Bhoy Pabina
Dube Dube Jol Khabi Na
Sustho Shorir Byesto Kore Chinta Baras Na..
Ei Jibone Aar Hobena, Hoske Gele Aar Pabina
Ja Bhule Ja Dukkho Pira Aaj.
Nach Du Haat Tule Nach, Aaj Poran Khule Bach
Nach Du Haat Tule Nach, Aaj Poran Khule Bach!

Amar Name Sobai Dhose Amay Dake Mostan
Body Dekhe Kapche Para Amar Guru Bhaijan
Bukete Amar Gorom Rokto
Lagte Eso Na Hebbi Shokto
Phute Ja, Khute Kha, Lute Ne, Pute Ne
Bare Bare Hobe Na!

Antara 1
Elakay Amar Namei Uthe Bose Sob
Guru Mane Shesh Kotha Baki Sobai Dhop
Borosoro Bawal Kori Khuchro Papi Na..
Pepe Diye Chepe Debo Khobor Pabi Na
Sposto Kothay Koshto Besi Tatka Hero
Noyre Basi
Ek Chobole Chobi Korbo Aaj
Nach Du Hat Tule Nach, Aaj Poran Khule Bach
O.. Nach Du Hat Tule Nach Aj Poran Khule Bach!

Antara 2
Mamonir Chowa Pele Sworge Uthe Jai
Kake Chere Kake Dhori Matha Ghore Bhai
Eka Pele Japte Dhori Kauke Chari Na
Na Khele Ektu Raate Thakte Pari Na
Marbo Ami Dhorbo Ami Lorte Hole Lorbo Ami
Korbo Sala Ei Duniyay Raaj..
Nach Du Haat Tule Nach, Aaj Poran Khule Bach
Oy.. Nach Du Hat Tule Nach Aj Poran Khule Bach!

Du Haat Tule Nach Song Lyrics

Du Haat Tule Nach Lyrics - A Dance Anthem by Keshab Dey

Keshab Dey's "Du Haat Tule Nach" is not just a song; it's an experience that will make you want to dance like nobody's watching. 

With electrifying beats and captivating lyrics, this track is a must-listen for all music enthusiasts.

The Lyrical Magic - "Du Haat Tule Nach" Lyrics

The heart and soul of any song lie in its lyrics. "Du Haat Tule Nach" is no exception. The lyrics for this electrifying dance anthem were penned by the talented Badal Paul. His words are a perfect match for the lively and energetic vibe of the song.

A Glimpse into the Lyrical Brilliance of Badal Paul

Badal Paul's lyrics in "Du Haat Tule Nach" are a celebration of life and dance. They exude energy and make you want to get up and move.

His lyrical prowess is evident in every word, making this song an instant favorite among music lovers.

The Musical Maestro - Keshab Dey

The song's composer, Keshab Dey, deserves a round of applause for creating such an infectious melody. His musical genius has given "Du Haat Tule Nach" a rhythm that's impossible to resist.

Keshab Dey's fusion of traditional and contemporary elements in the composition adds a unique flavor to this dance anthem.

A Closer Look at Keshab Dey's Musical Journey

Keshab Dey is not just a composer; he's a storyteller through music. With a knack for creating tunes that resonate with the masses, Keshab Dey has once again proven his prowess in "Du Haat Tule Nach."

Du Haat Tule Nach Lyrics


    (Q) Who is the singer of "Du Haat Tule Nach"?
        Ans: The talented Keshab Dey is the voice behind this electrifying track.

(Q) Who penned the lyrics for "Du Haat Tule Nach"?
        Ans: The energetic and lively lyrics of this song were crafted by Badal Paul.

    (Q) When was "Du Haat Tule Nach" released?
        Ans: The song was released on YouTube by Kheshab Dey on 14th October 2023.

(Q) What makes "Du Haat Tule Nach" special?
        Ans: "Du Haat Tule Nach" is a dance anthem that combines brilliant lyrics by Badal Paul and a mesmerizing composition by Keshab Dey, making it a must-listen for dance music enthusiasts.

In conclusion, "Du Haat Tule Nach" is more than just a song; it's a musical journey that will get you dancing and uplift your spirits.

With Badal Paul's lively lyrics and Keshab Dey's enchanting composition, this song is a masterpiece that deserves a spot in your playlist.

So, don't wait any longer—hit that play button and let the magic of "Du Haat Tule Nach" take over your senses.

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