Lilabali Lilabali Bengali Song Lyrics by Lopamudra Mitra!

Explore the enchanting Bengali song "Lilabali Lilabali" with lyrics by Lopamudra Mitra from the album "Chata Dharo." Discover the origins, singer, and release date of this traditional wedding song.

Lilabali Lilabali Bengali Song Lyrics by Lopamudra Mitra

Introduction to "Lilabali Lilabali" Lyrics

Lilabali Lilabali lyrics, penned and composed by Radharaman Dutta, are a part of the Bengali album "Chata Dharo." 

This song is deeply rooted in Bengali tradition, serving as a beautiful wedding song. Let's delve into the lyrical beauty and origins of "Lilabali Lilabali."

The Origin of Lilabali Lilabali

The verses of "Lilabali Lilabali" find their roots in the traditional Dhamail folk song of Sylhet, Bangladesh. 

This culturally rich composition has transcended generations, carrying the essence of Bengali heritage and celebrations.

Lilabali Lilabali Song Information

  •     Movie/album: Chata Dharo
  •     Singer(s): Lopamudra Mitra
  •     Tune and Lyrics: Radharaman Dutta
  •     Music Label: Sagarika
  •     Release On: 11 May 2018

Lilabali Lilabali Bengali Song Lyrics

Lilabali Lilabali
Boro Jubti Soi Mor
Boro Juboti Soi Mor
Ki Diya Sajaimu Tore!

Hato Chaiya Bala Dimu
Motiya Lagaiya Soi Mor
Ki Diya Sajaimu Tore!

Kano Chaiya Kanful Dimu
Panna Lagaiya Soi Mor
Ki Diya Sajaimu Tore!

Nako Chaiya Keshor Dimu
Chuniya Lagaiya Soi Mor
Ki Diya Sajaimu Tore!

Gola Chaiya Mala Dimu
Futiya Lagaiya Soi Mor
Ki Diya Sajaimu Tore!

Lopamudra Mitra: The Voice Behind Lilabali Lilabali

The melodious rendition of "Lilabali Lilabali" is brought to life by the talented singer Lopamudra Mitra. Her soulful voice adds depth and emotion to this timeless Bengali classic.

Lilabali Lilabali Audio Release

On the 11th of May 2018, the enchanting audio of "Lilabali Lilabali" was released under the banner of Sagarika. This release marked a significant moment in the journey of this iconic Bengali wedding song.

Lilabali Lilabali Bengali Song Lyrics

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: What is the significance of "Lilabali Lilabali" in Bengali culture?
A1: "Lilabali Lilabali" holds immense significance in Bengali culture as it is a traditional wedding song. It adds a touch of tradition and joy to Bengali weddings, celebrating the union of two souls.

Q2: Who composed the lyrics of "Lilabali Lilabali"?
A2: The lyrics of "Lilabali Lilabali" were beautifully composed by Radharaman Dutta, capturing the essence of Bengali traditions.

Q3: When was the audio of "Lilabali Lilabali" released?

A3: The audio of "Lilabali Lilabali" graced our ears on the 11th of May 2018, marking a memorable moment in its journey.

Q4: Who is the talented singer behind "Lilabali Lilabali"?
A4: The soul-stirring rendition of "Lilabali Lilabali" is performed by the gifted singer Lopamudra Mitra, infusing the song with her unique style and emotion.

Q5: Can you tell us more about the album "Chata Dharo"?
A5: "Chata Dharo" is the album that houses the captivating "Lilabali Lilabali" song. It is a musical collection that reflects the rich tapestry of Bengali music and culture.

In conclusion, "Lilabali Lilabali" is not just a song; it's a cultural treasure that resonates with the spirit of Bengali weddings. 

With Lopamudra Mitra's melodious voice and Radharaman Dutta's poetic lyrics, this song continues to enchant listeners, keeping alive the traditions of Bengal.

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