Megha O Re Megha Bengali Song Lyrics from Purulia Song!

Dive into the enchanting lyrics of "Megha O Re Megha," a captivating Bengali song from Purulia sung by Shankar Tantubai and Manjula Patnaik

Learn about the song's artists, music composer Akash Dew, and the captivating video directed by Phool Chand.

Megha O Re Megha Bengali Song Lyrics from Purulia Song

Unveiling the Soulful Lyrics of Megha O Re Megha - Purulia Song

A Melodic Journey by Shankar Tantubai and Manjula Patnaik

Are you ready to embark on a melodious journey through the heartwarming Bengali song, "Megha O Re Megha"?

This enchanting Purulia song, sung by Shankar Tantubai and featuring a mesmerizing female version by Manjula Patnaik, is sure to captivate your senses. Dive into the world of music as we explore the details of this musical masterpiece.

Megha O Re Megha Song Details :

  • Song Name : Megha O Re Megha
  • Singer And Lyricist : Shankar Tantubai
  • Female Version : Manjula Patnaik
  • Music : Akash Dew
  • Editing And Direction : Phool Chand
  • Camera : Adhir Raj
  • Label : Manbhum Beats
Megha O Re Megha Bengali Song Lyrics

Megha O Re Megha Bengali Song Lyrics :

Rimjhim Borshay Bhijte Bhalo Lage
O Sathi Aay Aaj Mone Prem Jaage
Tor Gora Gale Chutey Chai Priya Re
Taar Lage Chotpot Ei Mon Kore
Megha O Re Megha Tuku Borshe De
Hamar Premika Ke
Pohila Chitay Bhijain De!

Kalo Meghe Chamke Bijli
Thik Temnei Tunho Chamkili
Ei Moner Bhitore
Uthe Shihre Shihre
Nimeshei Ki Sob Bhule Geli
Tor Gora Gaale Chutey Chai Priya Re
Taar Laage Chotpot Ei Mon Kore
Megha Ore Megha Tuku Borshe De
Hamar Premika Ke
Pohila Chitaay Bhijain De!

Mone Hoy Tui Swarger Apshora
Hamar Kache Aali Dite Dhora
Oii Kajoltana Chokhe
Mon Fida Hoilo Dekhe
Tor Muchki Hasi Korlo Adhmora
Tor Gora Gale Chute Chai Priya Re
Tar Laage Chotpot Ei Mon Kore
Megha Ore Megha Tuku Borse De
Hamar Premika Ke
Pohila Chitaay Vijain De!

Megha O Re Megha Song Lyrics

The Voices Behind the Melody

"Megha O Re Megha" - the very name resonates with musical magic. This soul-stirring composition is not only sung by the talented Shankar Tantubai but is also a lyrical creation of his. 

The song's emotional depth and beauty are a testament to his artistry. And let's not forget the captivating presence of Manjula Patnaik, whose female version adds a unique charm to the song.

A Symphony by Akash Dew

The heartbeat of any song lies in its music, and "Megha O Re Megha" is no exception. The melody is brought to life through the musical prowess of Akash Dew, who has skillfully composed a tune that tugs at your heartstrings. 

The combination of Shankar Tantubai's lyrics and Akash Dew's music is a match made in musical heaven.

Visual Poetry Directed by Phool Chand

A song becomes truly memorable when its visual representation is as enchanting as its audio. 

"Megha O Re Megha" boasts of a video that is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. 

Under the meticulous direction of Phool Chand, the emotions embedded in the song are beautifully translated onto the screen. 

The captivating cinematography by Adhir Raj further enhances the song's appeal.

The Stars of the Show

A song is incomplete without the presence of talented artists who bring it to life. "Megha O Re Megha" stars Debraj and Kiran, whose on-screen chemistry and performances add a layer of authenticity to the song's narrative. 

Their heartfelt expressions and seamless portrayal of emotions make this song even more memorable.

Megha O Re Megha Lyrics


Q1: Who are the singers and lyricist behind "Megha O Re Megha"?
A1: "Megha O Re Megha" is beautifully rendered by Shankar Tantubai, who is also the lyricist of this soulful song. Manjula Patnaik graces the melody with her female version.

Q2: Who composed the music for the song?
A2: The music for "Megha O Re Megha" was thoughtfully composed by Akash Dew, adding depth and emotion to the lyrics.

Q3: Can you tell us about the cast and crew involved in bringing this song to life?
A3: The video for "Megha O Re Megha" was brought to life under the skillful direction of Phool Chand. The enchanting visuals were captured by Adhir Raj, enhancing the song's overall appeal. The song stars Debraj and Kiran, who deliver remarkable performances.

In conclusion, "Megha O Re Megha" is a captivating Purulia song that touches the depths of your soul. 

With Shankar Tantubai's mesmerizing lyrics, Akash Dew's soulful music, and the artistic vision of Phool Chand, this song is a true musical gem. 

Not to forget the stellar performances by Debraj and Kiran, which breathe life into the song's storyline. 

So, immerse yourself in this melodic journey, and let "Megha O Re Megha" steal your heart with its enchanting beauty.

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